Prophetic Word: “All Races And Nationalities Have Been Invited”


There are many messages and visions of the Lord below that are very important from the Lord….I pray your spiritual ears and eyes are open to understand what is meant for you.

Revelation 19:9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb…

Prophetic Word: “All races and nationalities have been invited” I also heard these additional messages from the holy spirit “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak ” and “Who shall he send forth” These messages are for all his people to come up higher in the spirit. The Lord does not see the body by race, color or nationality! All his people have been invited to the wedding feast since the beginning of time. It’s a choice! Do not try to enter in another way, we all have to enter in through Christ. Give up your lust and sins, turn to the Lord and realize he is your only savior against darkness. Time is short for us all and he will return as he promised! Please read the message below for more understanding as well as the visions of Jesus and spiritual battles I have had to endure in order to be an example what we really fight against.

Vision and Message: I haven’t written in a while bc of the spiritual battles I go through at times and I need to focus more on the Lord in those times. I know it is allowed for my learning, growing, training as well as humbling. The Lord showed me a vision of him with his hood up and this time his beard was so detailed and dark and thick. I knew his thoughts without him speaking. He was praying for me, because of what was to come. We don’t have to do anything to fight the devil, the Lord will fight for you, but we do have to do our part as the bible shows by staying close to the Lord, praying etc… Moses had to lead the people, Noah had to build the ark and many others had to be obedient still.  Be led by the spirit! I can see the suffering in the body and I know how important each of our callings are to help with that. Please take the Lord serious about the spirit, he truly works behind the scenes and all the truth he reveals about others or his truth will come out. Incline your ear to him in the spirit, bc God is a spirit! Don’t get comfortable in your flesh….the devil has been playing games and deceiving ppl who stay in flesh and not in spirit more (even with believers). We were given spiritual gifts that bring us closer to the Lord that help us conquer against the darkness and our sins….tell me where your flesh can do that? If God is not in the flesh, then neither should we be. We find him in the spirit more bc he is a SPIRIT! If your a believer who has not realized that God is still supernatural today, then ask him to prove it and not limit him anymore. I was deceived and blocked him for years with this religious mindset. The Lord needs our trust too and part of that is learning to recognize the plans of the enemy and it’s our choice to walk away from sin. Ask for his help, don’t just stay there! It is a trap!

Vision of the Lord Correcting Two Men (Believers who did not understand the spirit side that I actually met after the vision, they did not seek to go higher but stay in their sin). In this vision I saw the Lord yelling at two men and I was viewing from behind them. I knew this was him correcting or using righteous judgement for some of his leaders. It was not him literally getting angry, but it was him trying to reach them in the spirit any way he could. I knew this for two reasons, first because I have had other dreams of me yelling at some in my family to try and open their ears to the spirit and they still could not hear. I had no anger in me, it was just an example visually to see me trying to get their attention, just as the Lord did. The Lord has boundaries he keeps for our free will, but he cares enough to try and turn us away from those sins and he will use his people (or a submitted vessel) to reach them too just as he did in the scriptures.

Vision: I asked the Lord about why some of us are suffering so much more again. The lord showed me instantly a vision of me going up mountains and other’s going up hills. I understood without him speaking this to mean some of us seek to go higher and some are comfortable. Some walk away bc it’s too hard, and some choose to stay on the hill. We all have the chance to go higher, it’s a choice, and to whom much is given, much is required.

Vision: Saw Jesus face pop up like an older version of his face smiling.

Witnessing Dream: The Lord showed me a friend would come back into my life with two dreams prior to him showing up two days after the last dream. He showed me 3 dreams total of this man and also his sin that is keeping him from getting closer to the Lord. I told the man the dreams the Lord gave me and he admitted the details were true. I told him how to get out of the sin, but he said he could not.  I tried to teach about how to be more in the spirit to conquer more. I also told him in one of the dreams he would walk away and he denied it, and then he did walk away even after denying it. It all played out how God revealed. The last part of the dream I was alone again, but I raised up in the sky and had a wedding dress on. I was a bride of Christ.

Witnessing Vision: I approached a man about a vision I had of him again. This man I felt strongly to witness to him to help him get out of the devil’s trap of deception and show him how to go higher with the Lord. Like many he had walls up against the prophetic, even if he admitted part of the vision was true and the second part was a future event to come about his calling. God already knew he would not believe at this time, but a seed was planted and eventually he will and the lesson was for me too, to dust off my feet instead of staying too long if they won’t accept you.

Dreams: I saw a dream of someone close to me who would misunderstand me and decide to follow others more.  I had this dream several months before it happened and it played out how God showed me it would play out including another vision about an offer I got. I did what God wanted and bc God gave me full understanding last minute they did not understand why in their own understanding. I saw that some truth was revealed for a seed that needed to be planted. We forgive them because they don’t understand who deceived them or that we were following directions from above.

Messages about Prophet Callings: The lord has been speaking about the calling of the Office of the Prophet to me lately. These messages I do not feel he wants me to share the meaning yet and is just part of training.  I am just sharing that God is training me, shaping and molding me still like we all have too.

Vision of the Lord: He was sitting again with his knee up and his robe was so bright white again with so many deep ripples. The ripples have been very highlighted lately like scars.  Again, the lord is always watching his sheep.

6-24 Dream: Woman died in car around 20-30’s? Was drowning in life. Man tried to save her but she was dead so I went over and believed I could wake her, but was too late, this felt like a Scottish country and they were living by caves outside and there was lots of water on the ground.

Dream: I saw a demon in a specific area I prayed over and this demon was demonstrating his power by levitating people.

Dream: An AI revealed things was messing things up and giving wrong person secret info, something ab a marriage between husband and wife and wife wanted divorce bc did not trust husband so the husband was using the AI to find out secrets she kept ab divorcing him. It felt like this dream was revealing the AI will be used by evil and this was not good. The AI could not tell the difference how to keep information from someone with bad intentions.

Dream: Dreamed of a man who killed another man who felt like he was in higher authority. It was like he was a cop and this guy was innocent but the cop did not believe him. Something happened and he had to kill him. He buried him under this underground area, this place had a lot of underground area’s and mostly under homes. Him and his girlfriend were hiding from the cops. They had a very high up friend, and he made a lot of other fakes to look and act like him to help him escape. I saw an army of soldiers after him and this girl. They stayed at a hotel and she didn’t want to tell him she was raped by one of the fakes at their last location in a bathroom. They met one of the fakes on the road and he had a farm area….he was going to hide them and she got sick in the bathroom. Possibly pregnant.

Dream: Dreamed I was at an elementary school and watching a preschool class with another girl blonde tall kind of curly hair. One child kept getting curious and wandering off and I had to go get him. He had a white t-shirt meaning he was a baby in Christ possibly. Every time I see a white t-shirt I know it means a bride of Christ. I started to carry him to keep him from wandering again and we went outside for a walk and there were so many snakes at this elementary school. They were huge in size and some smaller. Many had huge heads. A calm patient man was there in maintenance type outfit getting them out. So as I was walking this baby across a sidewalk a snake by a bush came out and bit me and I had to lay the baby on the concrete. The snake would not let go and others were coming. Another snake in the bush saw me and had huge almost human eyes and I knew he was coming after me too. I didn’t know how to get this snake off. I picked the baby up to protect it and found the maintenance man who could help me. He got the snake off and somehow forgot to get the tooth out so I still had pain. I figured out how to get the tooth out. After I pulled the tooth out I felt better.

Vision: I woke seeing this really cute dark gray, black and white kitten meowing so much and I knew he was asking for help in the spirit so I prayed for him.  I saw a second vision of this same kitten a few days later and he was on a kitchen counter top.

Dreams; I had several consistent dreams of a man with dark hair again, but I don’t feel led to share those details. He was also in a white t-shirt.