The Lord Said “All My People Go Through This Walk”


A lot of the messages below are the same messages. It’s about our walk with the Lord and purpose or callings and how to deal with it as well as cautions. We will make mistakes, but the Lord already knew that and still loved you and chose you 🙂

The Lord Said “All My People Go Through This Walk” He was referring to why his people are learning, growing and suffering or tested and it may be a different walk for everyone, but it is the same goal. For learning, growing, humbling and moving to another level in the spirit with the Lord in order to help the Kingdom. It is for learning to trust in every situation and how to die to oneself to follow the Lord. He needs trust just as we do, so we will all have to pick up our cross and follow him. It just may not look the same for each of us depending how far up the mountain you want to go with him or he wants to take you. Especially, if the Lord is planning to use you as a vessel at some point, you will be trained by him for that purpose. To whom much is given, much is required. To go with this the Lord gave me “Discipline” and that is another learning process throughout this walk. We need discipline when you are called to spend time with him, fast or be obedient in some way. This also goes with the last vision I had last post, where some of us are seeking to go higher up the mountain and some are comfortable on the hill. More will be required the higher we go up the ladder.  Jesus showed me a vision in the past where I saw him running across mountains.  The Lord wants us to come up higher and he is seeking mountain climbers.

Matthew 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Vision: I had a vision of the Lord sitting in a stable petting a donkey. The donkey’s head came through the window to the stable area and the Lord was sitting on a stable seating and petting him. He had this shiny trim on his white robe this time. The story the Lord gave me for this was the story of Balaam and his donkey. Some of God’s people are falling out of favor with God due to going back into the world and no longer relying on God for help, but seeking outside divination or doing things to spite the Lord out of frustration. God is very gracious, compassionate and gives many chances, but he also knows our true hearts and intentions. This I believe is why Balaam fell out of favor, but that does not mean he did not still belong to God or was not still a prophet. It’s not because he made mistakes along the way, but because he had already planned on going against the Lord’s wishes many times and did things deliberately. Our source and appreciation for all things has to come from the Lord. This story is in the book of Numbers in the bible.  Remember also, we can always gain favor back from the Lord, but it needs to be genuine. 2 chronicles 7:14

I also saw “Instructions” and “Love the Lord with all your heart” In our walk with the Lord, he will give us instructions throughout and we have to be disciplined to follow those instructions.

Another vision I had after I woke thinking I need to spend more time with the Lord and then I saw a vision of a vine with many green grapes on it. It was two meanings. First, I remembered this vision as I was picking the same green grapes from my mom’s grape vine. Second, it is the meaning of he is the vine and we are the branches and we can do nothing apart from him and we will bare much fruit if we stay with him despite all the devil throws at us. The lord is our rock!

Vision: I had a vision of an angel and he was sitting with his knee’s up, kind of like the Lord was one time in a vision. he had white wings that reached above his head and he had blonde straight short hair that hanged over to his ears. He was looking out, like waiting.

Words I saw….”Believe”, “Thrift Shift” or “Time Shift”

Dream I was learning a new language and speaking in Jewish language.

Another vision I had of my sister came true about her current position and I learned a lesson in discerning in the spirit with that same opportunity. Some things in the spirit we may not fully understand it’s meaning yet, so if we are not fully clear we should wait on the Lord for instruction and trust him. There is a reason we TEST the spirits also. This time I did not just trust all the vision’s I got about moving forward with an opportunity, instead I prayed and felt no peace. We have to have peace too. God was showing me something in the future, but it did not mean I was meant to take the opportunity, just because I had the visions of it. That just meant he knew it would be coming possibly as a test…very thankful the Lord guided me to the right choice. It’s all a learning curve. Living, learning and growing, so don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake. God loved you and already knew every mistake you would make.

Dreams: I keep dreaming of evil getting worst and in groups. I dreamed of teenagers in groups and breaking in houses with guns. I dreamed of groups of people drowning in big metal tubs of water like a strong whirlpool and it had something to do with jobs. I felt it was jobs were going to change and I have had dreams of limited jobs and jobs would be more temporary or contract types now. I dreamed of a man’s head getting cut off and he was tortured bc of other groups of evil people. The good groups were trying to take back what they stole and the evil groups killed one of their men for it.

Vision of Paradise in heaven. I saw this beautiful white castle with northern lights of purple and oranges all around it and I knew it was a part of heaven. It had the pointy tops to it also.

Lesbian Dream: I thought I added this dream, but I have had multiple dreams of gays and lesbians. In this recent dream…I dreamed of two Lesbians and a man who was supposed to be a prophet. The Lord called him, but instead he just wanted to collect information about other prophets and wanted to be friends with everyone instead of being obedient. He never warned the lesbians, so God sent me to warn them. I told them what God said and they mocked me and made fun of me. I walked away after I gave the message and shortly after I saw them walking on a sidewalk and they both fell over dead. There was two other lesbians walking behind me who witnessed it all. I had this dream after I saw lesbians mocking a man doing God’s work. The Lord is serious and he wants us all to turn away from anything he does not approve of. We are all sinners, and all have something we have to walk away from for the Lord in obedience. This is also dying to oneself or one’s desires over the Lords desires. Jesus said, if you love me you will keep my commands…there is a reward for those who do and consequences for those who won’t.  If you are a lesbian or gay who does not know this, please know the Lord does not approve of it and he put it in his words for us to follow his ways.  I pray you can be strong and choose his ways over temporary feelings. Ask him for help.

Dream: I dreamed of teleporting to Africa or going on vacation there and somehow ended up there and was so confused bc their houses were not as poor as I thought in some neighborhoods. I met up with a friend at a museum there.

Vision: I saw the Lord and he was black and white smiling.  I knew it meant the message is black and white or it is easy to understand what is right and what is wrong.