Prophetic Word - Trust me I love you

Prophetic Word: Trust Me, I love you


Vision of the back of the Lord bending over hugging someone or taking care of them.

To go with this I got a prophetic word: “Trust Me, I love you” This word is something God has been constantly drilling in me since I first heard him speak audibly.  So many times the Lord speaks about trusting him. Why? Because it is a choice to trust him or man, trust him or our own idea’s. This is where he can show you how real he is supernaturally. Does God get the glory in your life or man? Does God get the glory or you? The closer you get to his spirit, the more you see him act. The more you trust and obey, the more he acts. The Lord is supernatural and he knows how to heal, mend, fix supernaturally. Do you believe he can? If he did it for them he can do it for you!  The Lord will still love you if you make mistakes, if you choose to do it man’s way instead of by his strength for his glory, but there is always a consequence if we choose to trust man more then God.  

Psalms 118:8It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Proverbs 3:5-6 – 5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Vision: I saw a vision of the Lord’s feet and the bottom of his robe.

Vision: I saw a vision of a hand of ashes.  This hand was reaching inside a bowl with ashes in it and the hand started to crumble up to the last piece or clump of ashes. There are many scriptures about ashes, and some point to it being in suffering while others may point to repentance.  I believe God was showing me his hand was not in something that I thought it was.

Vision: I saw a vision of Jesus sitting inside a box, he had a red carpet underneath him and a red pillow he was sitting indian style on.  He had his white robe on and looked like he was just waiting on us and sitting in there until we let him out.  I have said this so many times, but if we don’t put God in a box and trust all he said he can do vs. what we learned in our own understanding, he can do the impossible, the supernatural.

A lot of dreams of believers who only understand the first layer of God’s word, but don’t know how to go to the holy spirit truly for more of God.  They think they can only find God by reading his word, but don’t know how to sit with him and hear his voice truly.  One dream specifically I was asking people for help, but many men were sleeping in cars and could not hear me banging and yelling for help.  One guy started to wake but could not see me.  Another dream, I was sitting in a room with six believers.  Three could hear and understood the spirit and three could not.  I saw my sister as one who got a jewel in her hand that started to glow bright, but she didn’t know what to do with it.  I knew it was supernatural and she needed to tap into that more to understand.

Vision: I saw Jason Mimosa coming off his private jet plane 1-26-24.  He stopped and looked both ways.  This felt like he was landing in Kentucky, but was not confirmed.

Vision: I saw a toddler girl with wavy hair, white skinned smiling really big and I saw a light behind her flash quickly.  I knew instantly this little girl just saw Jesus come in her room.

A great encouraging word for those under pressure: