Jesus in jerusalem streets vision

Several Visions of the Lord – Jerusalem Streets and Wilderness


Visions of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting in an area that looked like he was in Jerusalem streets, he was squatting down working with people. I saw people walking by in this space between what looked like buildings in Jesus times possibly since it looked like older buildings. It looked very close to the picture I posted for this blog except the door colors were all the same colors as the bricks. The Lord was working and had his robe on. The second vision I had I saw the lord in sackcloth working and someone was working with him. This area was wider but similar area with older type buildings it looked like. They were working for the Kingdom together. In both visions, people were passing them and doing their own thing.

If you are called or fully operating with the lord be prepared to wear sackcloth as he did…be prepared to wear sackcloth first. Be prepared to suffer like Christ and for Christ in seasons of preparation specifically. Be prepared to work with him, not ahead of him. Be prepared to be ignored and rejected as a follower of him. Be prepared to be humbled like Christ. Finally, be prepared to see him operate, feel his love or presence and get more revelation from him!

Jeremiah 11:6 Then the LORD said unto me, Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant, and do them… Jeremiah 11:7 For I earnestly protested unto your fathers in the day [that] I brought them up out of the land of Egypt, [even] unto this day, rising early and protesting, saying, Obey my voice.

Mark 16:20 And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

Saw in the spirit: You are mine, concealed (The lord does hide us from the enemy at times when necessary especially if he is birthing spiritual gifts and knowledge in you for use for the kingdom)  But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine. Isaiah 43:1

Vision of the Lord: Saw the Lord again in his white robe, but hard to see him fully this time was so fast. I think I am starting to see sometimes we are not as receptive to seeing or hearing clearly in the spirit depending on the distractions in our lives or how close we are to the lord and if we are staying in his will and not falling into our own will again.

Dream of Jesus in wilderness: I dreamed I was going with Jesus in the woods following his spirit. I also saw this other spirit flying above an area outside of the woods with just a few small trees…it was like he died there and was stuck. Maybe because he never wanted to follow Jesus into the wilderness first. I started following Jesus and we were going into the deeper woods…it was still scary for me but I knew the supernatural and miracles happens there…however one time I started following him standing beside him and first I hugged him from the side as he kept walking. He had raggedy robe on with what looked like an off white wrap he was holding over his shoulders. After I hugged him, I asked if something was going to happen in the woods. He said, “Yes.” I knew it was miraculous things if I was with the Lord. Then, I felt I was being held back because of my family. I started walking back but then turned and saw Jesus still walking and not looking back, so I ran to him and followed him again. I felt the struggle of staying behind vs following him bc of ppl we love pulling us in other directions, but I knew if I didn’t follow him I would miss out on opportunities. The Holy Spirit may lead us into the wilderness for a season or multiple seasons. It’s a narrow road for a reason, but when we surrender everything fully to his will, then we get to see the supernatural miracles and Jesus fully operating. Remember, the lord went into the wilderness as our example that we would go through temptations and testing also and how to overcome it. Now we have his spirit inside us to help. Notice how I could not go into the wilderness with anyone, but Jesus. Same as Jesus did. Matthew 4:1-11 (He will be with you: Isaiah 43:1-7)

Heard in the spirit: “Temptation-The lord showed me being a servant means making fresh decisions”

Heard in the spirit: “Number 2 – it’s gonna taste like justification transformation for Tomorrow” 

Heard in the spirit: “The power of the Holy Spirit, sparkle”

Heard in the spirit: “If he falls in love, don’t go ahead” (If someone falls in love with you, make sure your not going ahead of God. God will confirm if your meant to be with them in his time, so guard your heart until he confirms. If they leave you, then they were not the one.)

Dream: Was going through these woods and climbing this very steep mountain with a small glass cup in my hand, so this obstacle made it more difficult. It got harder the higher we went, but I made it to the top and took a couple pictures of the scenery and didn’t get to stay long. Then we were driving away on the next adventure possibly.

Dream of being in classroom and I kept to myself, but we were forced to be in groups with men. Men and girls. It was like a bench and the girls sat in front of them or behind them. I was the awkward one, but he was outgoing gentle yet I could tell he wanted me to sit with him and I picked up my stuff but things fell out of my backpack embarrassing things. After I got my stuff I went and a believer I knew who was married sat in his lap like flirting or tempting him with desires. So I went to sit in the back on the floor discouraged. I heard her say my name to him and that I was poor. He didn’t care and she left. So I got up to go sit with him again and he was gesturing and saying the seat was available still. I could tell he wanted me too even without talking at first the way he looked at me. I somehow fell asleep and woke missing a lot in class and they were at lunch, I couldn’t find him, but didn’t know if I had enough time to eat. I went back to the classroom hoping he was there. He was tall, short dark hair light skin, nice looking, gentle kind spirit, skinny, but not too thin. He seemed out of my league and popular so I was shy to talk to him. He was liked by ppl. In this scene there was a lion outside the school that came and got an innocent animal so I felt this was evil around us devouring innocent.

Saw this in the spirit a few times recently: Expectations

Vision of a man coming on horse or chariot…didnt see the actual horse/chariot he was on, but just knew he was…he was in black tux with collar showing underneath that was white and I saw he had short black hair possibly 40s

Vision of the lord: Saw vision of Jesus on cross in the sky, but it was like it was the cross necklace blown up very big in the sky.

Heard in spirit: God has left you isolated for a reason…dream of disagreements with others.

Dream: I dreamed I was in a classroom teaching with a man, but he was in the front of the class. I was more in the back or walking around helping. He was teaching the class in a really classy suit that almost looked like a Kings suit on. I was teaching in more normal clothes with an open sweater on that was torn even. For this specific class I was there to help support him more. I remember one or two kids came to me for guidance. I believe there was kids and adults in this room. After I helped, I walked over to a bean bag and was gonna sit in it and noticed my sweater had a tear in it I forgot I did it to lend it to one of the kids, so I was trying to cover it. I was the lively fun one and this man was were the more serious one. It was a balance. I started walking to the bean bag out of boredom and he was watching me-paying attention. As soon as he noticed, he wrapped up the class and said, “Let’s go home.” He was attentive. He hugged me and at first he was taller, but then same size head to head or almost even a tad shorter possibly. This could be symbolic to he will want to claim his position as a husband or because my personality is a bit different in those circumstances, but God will make us equal in position for his kingdom work. Then he said, “What will we have for dinner tonight?” It felt like we ended up going out to eat because it was so late. I remember both of us being tired like this class was a long time, and at one point he was also laying on the ground on some kind of mat or something ready to go home. (This dream I know is related to Kingdom spouses and we may not always match our spouse with personality, ranking or finances, but God knows what he is doing by putting two people together. Two people operating in the spirit doing God’s work, this is where there is an equal balance and God is the head of both.)

Dream of my younger son was driving a car, I was in back seat behind drivers seat and older son was trying to get in back with me but hurt his hip or something close to it.

Another personal dream: I saw my younger sister and then another sister I didn’t recognize, but she looked just like us and had the exact same hair but a slight difference from ours. I know the meaning of this one and it was a personal message.