God Repeats Things…


I asked God the night before if he could confirm and repeat things he said. I was feeling I needed extra confirmation, especially when I am feeling attacked more. He repeated things in dreams like “Queen…Clear” in white letters! Like saying remember you will be a queen in my kingdom. I also saw “It’s done” Is he saying he sealed me and it’s done? Then throughout day he repeated “October and Festival” with the word Octoberfest. He repeated “Delivered to your door” twice yesterday. I believe this is saying I won’t have to do anything God will reveal, but could he be bringing him to my door? He repeated “Armstrong.” I have been seeing two names repeated over and over…”Anthony and Philip.” Today I been seeing the word “Prepare” and lately also “Watch” quite a lot. Finally, God has been saying so much “Happy” and “Happier” and since God said that word to me I have noticed I am a bit happier. God called it into existence. He is teaching me now how to declare & decree things also like he does. God loves to be involved in our love stories, especially if we leave it in his hands fully. After all, he is love and who can ask for a more perfect mate then one chosen by God himself.
I need to add that I just was reading about God confirming things and again a third time 3 days in a row God spoke about Philip. hmmm

Job 33:14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.

A good article on the difference between God repeating and God confirming: https://doinglifeonfire.org/2017/05/26/when-god-confirms-his-word-versus-repeating-his-word-is-there-a-difference/