Song From Jesus – My Letter To Him

This is a song Jesus showed me for YOU…It’s a message from him…
Please remember me he begs…don’t let the world take you away from me or other loves….I am your first Love….Let me love you and we will walk in fields of gold…Stay with me and be my love and I will show you love you never imagined~Jesus

My Letter To Jesus~My Love~
To My Love,
My love has grown so much for you since you came to prove your love is greater to me. I struggle if I feel I am too far from you lately. I just want to walk next to you and keep my hand in yours. When you came to sit next to me in the last vision, my heart has not stopped beating for you even more bc of your gentleness and kindness in teaching me and spending time with me. You came humbly like a true friend or love to encourage me. You always did, but for some reason this time it opened the eyes of my heart to see how deep you love us. Now I know why you desire the time from your people. It’s a love so great and so wonderful! The warmth in my heart doesn’t go away since I turned fully to you instead of man. You return love 10x fold to people who want to love you.
I didn’t give up on you and the reward is great bc of it. My heart is smiling again like it never has before and nothing in my life has changed, but the fact I realized it was always about you despite what goes on around me. I want everyone to feel this love that you have. I want everyone to know you are real and you come like rain just as you said. You keep all your promises, but it’s a process people need to understand to get there. I hunted you down, you hunted me down back. I seeked wisdom, you gave me wisdom 10x back. I seeked truth, and you came to speak it to me. I seeked love from you and you gave it 10x back. I seeked to live for you and you showed you would die all over again for me. You became my true friend, my true family and my true love. You are not silent with your people, you just need purity and understanding…surrendering first to reveal yourself. It’s your strength you want to show, but that strength is to make things good not evil like people assume.
Lord, I know you hurt for your people…I can feel your heart now. I know your sadness for those who turn away. It is too much for me too feel from you. I have become one with you and I feel your heart and pain. I want to tell everyone, Please don’t hurt him…he is so much love!!! Lord keep me from turning back to my old ways and old loves. I truly love this feeling with you! Thank you for never giving up on my stubborn heart! You are soooo very beautiful Jesus! I love you always my love….your very happy bride….Kimberly