Corona Virus Predictions


People were asking me if God was saying anything to me ab the corona virus….If you have been reading my prophecies…he has been showing it over and over….He is always warning of things to come…
God is in the business of encoding and encrypting prophetic words sometimes, so you need to find his messages that match…just like in revelations and with other prophets. Wasn’t that how it was with Jesus? Some of his messages were confusing at first until the prophecy came to pass or he explained it… Why did Jesus use parables instead of coming out and saying things? It was to fulfill a promise without saying it personally. It was a protection over the will of God. Even the bible is encoded with layers of meanings. Our God is smarter then you think, because only those close does he help uncode certain things. The mysteries he speaks about.

I believe the repetitive prophecies below were warnings….Is it going to get worse or will God heal the land this time? I believe this is just a small warning of what is to come for the end time revelations according to all he shows me ahead. I believe I am getting both for now and for end times. God uses symbolism or they are jumbled with other events around me or at the time the event happens, so keep that in mind. How do I know this? Because I was able to see predictions coming true this way for my life. I was able to discern what he said after it happened. In many of these dreams/visions I am a participant in many or an observer, and this tells me I help on the spiritual side. I put my own opinions on what I see or hear, but there are times God shows it was for something else. I did not go back to get them all…but here are some below…

Repetitive dreams of hospitals and people sick
Repetitive dreams of chaos and little resources or food – People were chaotic, but I had God’s peace
Repetitive dreams of evil breakouts in a warehouse or something in a warehouse…could this be china warehouse?
Dream of Italy attack in hospital scene and people were unaware.
Dream of schools closing early
Dream of virus coming to US as well as spreading like crazy on people – I was unware of this virus being that big of a deal when God gave me this on March 6th. I also assumed it was another virus at the time.
and more…

March 6 2020 – This dream I had was located in some downtown US location…I did not know the virus would come here or spread like crazy. I assumed this was another virus bc it was not in US at all. Is the green onion type thing a possible cure? I’m seeing a lot of images of the corona look white and green like colors of a green onion. The color green I saw was a lighter green.

Dream: …Then I see this small white worm looking creature…kinda like a tiny green onion in colors and it was trying to attach to my son and i took it and through it and it went into a crowd in a downtown location and was attaching to them all. I felt like this was another virus or sickness or one we have now? It was attaching like crazy.
March 2 Dreams: were 4 back to back dreams of poverty, low resources and chaos….I assumed this was end of world…but maybe a mix of both….a warning that it can get worse!

March 2 2020 – There were medical nurses drawing blood from everyone around them. I tried to stay in the back where they could not see me to avoid getting stuck with a needle. One tiny woman came and got very angry at me and said your not getting out of it and she was preparing to stick me, but got called away to help someone else. I am not sure if I was in someone else’s body or helping in this one, but again I was watching and observing while everyone else was running around frantically preparing for surgeries or medical needs.

There was poverty and I believe the cops were preparing to give out supplies or food. I was only watching them.

There was a lot of great poverty and the government was in great debt, but making bad decisions with their money still. People were helping, but also fighting for food and staying in groups.

The world was in desperate need for help and very poor with little resources. Most of these I was either an observer/watcher only or helping. I have had many of these dreams prior to these also. The image I show as the main image is what it looked kinda like all around.
July 12 2019 – I was dreaming of this scientific place and all these science guys trying to cure things or find new discoveries. I believe they found something and wasn’t sure what they discovered.
January 15th 2020 – Dream: Kids got done with school faster then I expected and I was helping clean out their school items. (They have closed down schools)
November 4th 2019-
Dream: I saw German soldiers/men with guns taking over hostages in Italy. They were in some hospital setting. The italians outside eating did not know what was going on yet. (could the german soldiers be symbolic to the disease or is this another event around the breakout?)
August 6 2019 – Dream: Dreaming of the world in chaos and riots in the streets where I could barely get my car by. These people were going against the law.
May 21 2019 – Dream: I saw ppl running and hiding in a power plant bc of poison smells from the plant leaking out.
October 1 2018 – Dream: I was with three spiritual people and one was my aunt and we were going around helping people that were sick in like a hospital that is one story with three buildings connected and I had to go get medical supplies. This also is a similar repetitive dream I keep having.
Vision: I saw in the center of what looked like a bunch of chaos drawings was a hand of Jesus reaching to me.
Vision: I saw after that a lions mouth in the midst of the same chaos drawings.

October 7th 2019
Vision: I first had a vision of a female in a hospital bed and she was very sick. She had blond hair and was looking away sad.

September 10 2019
Vision: I saw a nurse in blue and heard her say with concern “What is the two?”

For some reason I did not write these two online –
8-5-2019 I wrote in my notes – someone was sick
Another instance in my notes on my phone I wrote march 9th – saw an older chinese lady crying

and prob more on my site I missed…If I find more I will add them.