Vision: Seek His Face To Heal Our Land


God wants to heal our land!
Vision: I had a vision of Jesus sitting at a long table horizontally and he was in every single seat looking different ways as if he was playing the role of different people looking here and there. It was only on one side of the table. He did not have his hood up. Then I start seeing his name everywhere and his face everywhere I go. This vision say’s, God is everywhere and can be in everyone who seeks him, but it’s up to us to activate his presence with his spirit living inside us teaching us his righteousness. He say’s to seek his face and he will heal their land! He has to abide in you and you in him to see fruits and healing’s. I have talked about this throughout my post with what he was teaching us. He loves to teach…he is the teacher! If we want our land healed, he say’s to seek his face!

2 Chronicles 7:14
14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Heard: “The Promise Is In You“….The promise is within us and that promise is Jesus first. Seek first the kingdom, then all things will be added. Without him, everything is meaningless and there is no light!
Saw: Cox-wolf1
Heard: Prophecy Drop (these are spiritual wake up calls I believe to receive)
Heard many times: “Wait for them to understand” – God wanted me to remember this one. I believe it was about a guy I was kinda sad ab bc he never believed me that I was prophetic. I know God is the one to show people and not me, so I wait on him. I felt sorry for this guy suffering a lot and so badly wanted to help him, but he always avoided talking with me in the social game I went too. Not sure God wants me in there much right now, but this guy was on my heart.

So many predictions from God still coming true…
Purple Flowers – For some reason I have never seen purple flowers in my mom’s backyard, but now they are all over it like crazy. God knows I love purple! I looked at our neighbors and did not see any of these flowers in their backyards, so i wondered if it was from God. Then I go to my phone and pinterest to see an instant image of those same purple flowers with a message saying….I am with you always Jesus. Wow, he sent purple flowers to me :)…My friend Rodin say’s they are a sign of royalty, so everywhere I go today I see the word, Royal and Queen. You think it’s a coincidence, but there are none with God. He orders the steps of the righteous and he knows the plans he has for us. People just don’t pay attention to his ways of loving us. He loves to shower us with love! Pay attention so he can show you too. Thank you & I love you Jesus for my beautiful flowers 🙂

Woven Hat Prediction Came True- God told me a few post back to put a woven hat on my site and I only sold one product so far bc I was too busy to fully advertise it yet, but today randomly someone bought that item. I have a lot of items on my site, but not sure if God wants me going in this direction is why I hold off on it.
Dream: I bought hamburger at grocery store and for some reason put it in microwave and it turned into a plant, but was dying fast so I had to plant it and take care of it fast.
Dream: My ex and his gf had a huge nice home and her kids were very depressed though and I saw her daughter specifically depressed and I tried to help her. His gf was also very depressed, but she hated me and did not want me around her kids in this dream.
Heard a name: Samantha
Dream: Looked out my window to see a strange white cloud at night. I felt it was from God in the dream.