Vision: Storytime With Jesus Smiling


Ok this vision was soooo cute. I saw Jesus sitting on a stool and had on his very pure white robe with no hood up this time. I saw him looking to the left smiling while he was holding a book up like for storytime. I saw a child there also, but felt there were many and I was possibly one of them as all his children. I love to see him smile, though I was not in the greatest of moods talking to him that night before I got this vision. I felt discouraged more with myself though. Yet, he came with a smile and gave a beautiful vision. That shows he does not always respond the way we feel, but always with hope and love! Despite how I felt ab my situation, he was showing me a brighter future bc I am following his will for my life. It’s not easy giving over control to God fully, but man the reward of seeing him work has been amazing. The message of this vision for us is “Storytime.” Let God write your story and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. He has been repeating “The Best” to me and that means his way is the BEST way. God creates the best for us if we leave it in his hands! Below you see another supernatural love story, where she waited on God and he delivered.

I found an image that is very similar to the way Jesus looked attached, except he was holding the book and sitting on a stool.
God responded to me and said these words: “You Expect A Move In Me” (We must remain in him for him to move in our lives, we wait with expectancy for his promises he always keeps).
Saw a Name: Ray Joner
Heard: “It’s Time” (His voice was more faint this time, but still adding what I heard and discerning this one)
Vision: I had a vision of a guy with bald hair on top of his head only and the sides and back was brown hair. First he was in darkness, but then he moved to the light by lifting his head out of darkness.
After this vision I instantly saw another vision of Jesus behind a man and it was all blue colored vision.
Dream: There was a flood of water all around my mom’s home and my sister was with all the kids swimming and I told her to be careful and watch the kids bc it was deep. It was to our shoulders.

Another Supernatural Marriage Story where God is speaking: I noticed God started telling her the month before he came that it’s time. I pay attention to his patterns a lot like I spoke ab before though all situations with him involved will be different. ———————>

Repeated words: The Best, Surprise and Suddenly – This is regarding his promise to me, but it’s been crazy lately how much i see it.