God said “I Love You” Twice


I saw twice in white words from God “I love you” John 3:16….I even felt his love, so I know he loves to say this to his children to remind us. Sometimes we don’t always feel love to the level we think we should, but love is more of an action or a choice then a feeling that’s always there. Especially, under trials or attacks. The heart can be deceiving and lead us astray, so love is a choice. Love is also devotion. Our love for God comes from God. If your heart ever struggles at times to feel love for him, you can always ask God who made your heart and he will mend your broken heart. Every time I felt like my heart needed help, he always restored it! He knows we are humans and go through a lot here, so ask him for help in all things. This is why he tells us not to grow weary in doing good and guard our hearts. We were made to need his help and our heart was made to love him!
Vision: I saw Jesus sitting down with his head down doing something on a table and there was a box. I could not see what he is doing, but I took this as working on something he will reveal in time.
Name: Laurie Competent – I took this as this person is competent in what they are seeking God for.
Dream: I dreamed twice I was going to be working with my sister again and this time happy with the position. One of the dreams was clearer and I was working in a building goign between two offices and we had a lot of snacks there for free. There was somethign to do with a creative folder and I loved that part of it. These dreams to me could mean around the time my sister is working and I start my own business, because there is two separate offices, but again time will tell the true meaning.
I got a message for a friend that something he was going through was a test.
I heard also something along the lines of “Now is the time for partnerships”
Dream: I was swimming with a group of kids in a lake and I was a kid again myself. I could swim faster, but somehow slowed down and then caught back up really fast. We got on land and realized our homes were in danger and a tornado was coming. This was a poor area, so I assumed I was observing as one of those kids.