Vision: Jesus Raising His Hand To The Nations


Vision: In this vision I saw the power Jesus had over the nations. Jesus was standing with his back to me and facing over like the nations. I could not see the nations, but I felt it in my spirit. I see his right hand raise and then his finger is pointing up but kinda forward more to the sky like almost saying he’s revealing himself soon to the world and it’s time to go forth. He had his robe on with earth tone colors sash and everything was very colorful and felt beautiful around him. I was seeing tall grass and plants behind him. We felt high up like a hill or mountain. Sometimes I take these visions of him as spiritual meanings, and others I take it as a personal moving forward message, but sometimes he is saying like this one I felt that he is coming soon to judge the nations. How soon is soon, he has not told me a time so we keep moving forward with him until then. No one knows the time except God. It felt so powerful and according to my other dream and message below that kind of confirms something is happening to the world and God is making changes. I felt so loved he wanted me there by him to see all he is doing. If I become frustrated with him, he showers me with love still and wants me by him? No one loves me to the depths he does knowing how I am sometimes. Love is truly what wins in this world and beyond. God has complete love for us, but he is coming to judge the nations. Are you a sheep or a goat?

The son of man will judge the Nations: Matthew 25: 31-46.  This parable is not just about giving on the fleshly sense with water, bread, healing etc…..there is another side to it…it’s about giving them Jesus according to Acts 3:1-11.  Paul and Peter gave them so much more then what the man needed, they revealed the power of the Lord to him.  They gave him the bread of life and he was healed.  Jesus said be my witnesses and we are here to save people in all things.  It is good to give also, but man cannot live on bread alone…the meat is spiritual, but the milk is still acting in flesh. What he got was so much more then he ever thought could be possible.  He was given the meat.  Always help other’s of course bc that is as Jesus did and also what he is talking about, but Jesus gave more, he gave life to those in need while he was here.  He gave on the flesh side(water for example to drink) and the spiritual side(his cup to drink from).  How powerful!


Vision: finger was trapped between two board type things and white wrapping around it.
Vision: a man’s fist closed (This felt like God’s fist as a symbol or message?)
Heard: “The world is changing” and then “Religious Cycles” I believe this meaning could be because of religious cycles that the world is changing. It’s not about religion with God, it’s about a relationship and flowing with his spirit. All in his word you see him speaking or showing as an example these things. He pulls us out of our religious ways of thinking and teaches us his ways like he did me. So many put God in a box, but isn’t he bigger then that? God taught me early on, do not put him in a box. “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” … “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Matthew 19:26 & Luke 1:37 “And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Dream: I was sleeping on the ground with my family and then I moved up to college, but we were all not ordinairy. We had individual powers or gifts. I was now with a group of 4 others that I thought could be trustworthy, but one was not. There was something to do with seeing the galaxy closer too. It was literally like a sci-fi movie scene as well as our characters seemed different. I was drawing all our characters at one point and one man had long white hair. There was one other woman and two other guys. I told them I got a message that something was coming and I felt it. We all met to discuss it in this building for school meetings and while walking through the halls we lost each other. Some were still in groups. It was like I could hear and see their thoughts and even I saw a huge eye watching us. I saw one of the others were plotting to get her so I was going to tell her but then one of the others did bc they could see too. It was two different voices one saying don’t run and the other saying they are plotting against you so run. She listened to correct voice and I came and told her to confirm. I caught up with some of the others we were hiding from and told them the one could not be trusted, so then we all joined together to meet to talk ab a plan. It was like one of our group was a spy and plotting to go against our world. (Interpretation: It seems it was about seers/prophets with gifts that can see and being fooled or plotted against by the enemy and it talked about his plot to destroy all the world. It revealed his plans to decieve and fool those who belong to God. I believe the eye I saw was God’s eye watching and guiding.)