Vision: God Said A Big Gold “I love You”


Vision: God Said A Big Gold “I love You
As soon as I woke up I see this very big golden “I love You” on a big white card. It made me smile at Jesus 🙂 The gold represents him making us like gold. I know this because he was revealing this to me the day before and this is confirmation. Remember I said God speaks to us in different ways how we will recognize, and while you may not always get a vision he will show you in other ways and even confirm it’s him if you ask. For example, My sister see’s hearts and feels it’s from him. My friend from south africa say’s he gets chills and feels this is confirmation from God. Didn’t God speak to all the people of the bible in different ways, and he is the same still. God embraces our uniqueness. I like to respond with showing him I love him back by doing things I know he would want me to do, even if I don’t feel like it. That is sacrifice and love. The holy spirit reminded me of a video of another girl who hears God’s voice also and explains it well….

God Sent A Message: “We are going to look at the turn out of things” and then I heard “We are going to look at several things”
Vision: Another Man with a man bun dark hair and goatee, standing by the ocean and he had no shirt on. He was standing side ways.
Vision: I saw an african man with a goatee also and he was about in his 40’s, he was speaking on a video. He was clean cut with his hair and goatee. He was looking down while he was talking.
Heard: woke to knocking like loudly in the spirit and almost banging (not sure this one was from Jesus)
Dreaming of evil out to get me and I was hiding or aware of them. I remember at one point I knew God had his eye on me.
Dreamed of my dad going into the hospital and he was not sad about being so sick. We had his funeral.
Dream: Something to do with me being sick, but I was feeling ok and able to walk.
Dream: Satan stole a baby I was protecting and I got it back from him and he saw that I did. I was flying down a door way and he was there as a man.
Saw: Saw the words “A man in the dark croffit work”….Not sure if this is correct, but I saw the words. Could it be crossfit work?
Words Popping Out At My Spirit: Gift, Something big is coming, Joy and Build