God Gave Me Instructions


So, I had a vision a few days ago of me buying my future husband a gift. I woke feeling like I knew I should, but wasn’t sure fully. Yesterday, I woke up and was laying in bed and I saw a quick vision of praying hands so I felt to pray in the spirit, and then I heard the Lord say: “Buy An Engagement Gift.” I was loosing hope and joy, and I prayed God would not let us loose our hope or faith in his promise. This I believe was him helping me with hope again. It got me excited and expectant for his promise. I have been looking at so many idea’s and I am like what do you get a guy you never met before lol God actually gave me an idea, so I’m going with that. I won’t share it yet for various reasons. To Add To this , I had another vision of a diamond ring on my finger this morning. It made me realize how real this all is going to be one day and God will keep his promises.

We have to ask for help through the waiting and we have to be obedient to everything he ask us, bc they are steps to get us there sooner. We also have to be “watchful” for directions from the lord. We are partnered with him, so we have to move with him and not our own way or without him. This I believe is one of the secrets with God, incline your ear to him calling and move or act in obedience when he say’s and finally trust him. Jesus is becoming more then this promise to me though, and I am thankful for that. A friend of mine was telling me she was going on a date with Jesus. It reminded me when I used to do it. I would go on dates with Jesus to Burger King…cause obviously the King likes burgers lol Now I am trying to be vegan more, so it’s a vegan whopper for me lol I really think Jesus loves these dates specifically giving him our time and attention. I think he was reminding me of that bc he desired it. I’m going to plan a date with him 🙂 For all those waiting on a spouse from the Lord, your spouse will not come until Jesus is your love first fully. That has been a proven pattern I see. Your only ready when you know who your true rock is and your true love. He is doing all this behind the scenes for us, he is preparing us and shaping us. He is showing us love and kindness when we make mistakes, and he died on the cross knowing it was for you…so he deserves that love first. The promise is just an added bonus from the one who loves you greatly and he loves to give good gifts to those who love him back. Do you desire to show him love, more then you expect his love? I think we are all guilty of this at times.  I want to add there is a spiritual meaning behind this promise he is bringing. This whole example of him putting brides and grooms together, is his example of us with him also as his bride.

Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Vision: I also saw this morning a vision of Jesus standing facing sideways where I saw the left side of his face. He was holding a book and I felt this was his truth and there was a candle on it glowing. There was also light coming from the back wall of the scene I saw. I felt he was in his priestly type robe, but a bit different this time with some type of beads on the sleeves. He was raising this book up, so he was raising up his word in the light I felt was the message.

Dream: I am only sharing this one dream this time, but I had many. I was riding in a car with my family and two sisters. I think one of my sisters was driving and we were going over the bridge to the next state over. Somehow I saw she was taking a wrong turn and I knew it was the wrong way, but she would not listen to me. The road we were on was leading over the ledge bc there was no sign to stop us and we were heading straight head on for the water. I prayed half way through and a man in a flat boat backed it up and caught our car right before it hit the water. I remember waking in the hospital and we were all ok. The point of this dream was God will sometimes catch us last minute or save us last minute. It was almost before we touched the water that he answered my prayer and saved us. He doesn’t always show up the way we like or when we expect, but he will show up for his people.