Me? You Want Me Jesus?


I am sharing my most recent struggle bc God wanted me to share to help others to understand. God literally started reminding me I was his bride and got me out of my frustration, when I thought to myself there was no way can he get me out this time. This site was meant to help those going through the same things(fire) and those who are his bride or desiring to be, too see more clearly why your going through similar patterns others do.

There is no mistake why we suffer for Christ and the more brides you meet as I have, the more you will find that out. All similar stories. I am his bride and he has made that clear over and over to the point I can’t deny it anymore, but I still do not feel worthy of that role. I have been through so much since he came into my life like a storm and so much prior, but every time he comes and guides or speaks me out of it. I wrestle with him, but he is gentle with me. I argue with him, but he is patient with me. He even becomes louder in my deepest despair with messages of love while I am saying leave me alone, why are you allowing this, don’t you love me….Jesus sends me “My Love” or “My Beloved” and reminds me who I am to him with beautiful visions of himself. Let me just add, he knows how to bring me to tears even in my darkest most stubborn hours.

Everything in this article below is not a coincidence and are things Jesus showed me before I even knew I could be a bride, except no bride is perfect and I want to make that clear. He is perfect and will get us to where he wants us to be in his time. If you have been following my post for a while, you know I struggled to believe all he was saying to me. He kept speaking till I got it… That is how real he is….

When you are hit so many times for years and your eyes/ears are now open to reality of the spiritual reasons behind it, life becomes so much harder to live. You feel like an outsider on earth and no longer a part of it. The world will deny you of many things bc your choosing to follow Jesus fully. If you try to go back to your ways, you feel the wrestling with jesus in your spirit so much, you can’t anymore! You fully become submissive to his will or you will feel it in your spirit. Does this relate to some of you?

It’s a scriptural fact his bride will go through suffering as he did, but that is proof your his bride. With this he is perfecting you and making you spotless. The trials he told me ahead of time, he warned me they are coming, but that did not make them easier. As a matter of fact, they get harder bc other’s won’t see what you can now see, but the weaker we feel, the stronger he becomes to get us through. He is a real husband and the bride will partner beside Jesus bc we are being made like him. All the beautiful visions I saw of him, all the bride things he showed me, all the beautiful words of “Your Mine” “Beloved” and “My Love” are just some of things he did to show me I am his bride and others. One day I hope to please him by not being frustrated with every trial or hurtful thing that hits me. One day, I will be with him the way he showed me so many times. I cannot believe this is real…I cannot believe all this is so real and how real he is. He proved himself to me and chose me to be with him like many others….do you realize how special that is? I still have a long way to go as others do, and I know at this point if you looked at me you would be like “why her?” I ask him the same thing lol….but I run back to him evey time and I feel like he is mine and that is how he expresses himself to me as well. If you only knew how many times Jesus repeats things to me awake and asleep of me being his, it’s crazy! I sometimes fall back into my flesh as we all do, but he always conquers that too as long as I stay close. That is the hard part in this world too….staying close to Jesus while the world pulls you in every direction, but that is our safe place and that is our protection and greatest love.

Let me encourage you, Jesus cannot wait to be with his bride and if you saw all the happy smiling faces he showed me regarding his bride, you would believe him too. He’s preparing a feast for his bride, bc he is excited. He’s preparing his bride in this world. I can tell you one thing of why I may have been chosen, bc when Jesus sent the invitation I accepted it and wanted more of him. Everyone will have an opportunity to be his bride, but not many will accept the invitation. Many are called, but few are chosen. Please do not pass up on his call and I pray for the ones also who did accept the call that we will not give up and we will be seated with Jesus at the feast one day together with smiles and joy. That all this pain and suffering was for the one we love~Jesus! I just cannot wait to be with him and I pray nothing comes between that to distract or take our hearts away from him.