Prophetic Dream: God Let Satan Free (Post #429)


I created a video version for the main message of this post for those who are more visual. See it here:

End of world dream-God let Satan Free : Before this dream I saw a vision of Jesus face right before I fell asleep. Then I dreamed God took me to this bridge area where I saw waves rising so high it almost touched the top of the bridge. Then I saw satan come out of the water with so much anger taking his first breath. He said, “He finally set me free” Then I went into the world where there was so much chaos, because some already knew satan was here. People were trying ot control everything. So many people were scared. One group decided to take ppl’s mail and they were charging outrageous amounts for it even in the chaos. Not everyone knew satan was their yet, but the evil increased in the world. More people that did not get dreams/visions/prophecy now were getting them. I tried to tell people close to me, but some did not listen or care.

I want to highlight to the people that worship the devil: Satan was referring to “God” let him out. Who is in control again? So, who do you really serve? God or the one created by him?

Rev 20:7 And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,…Read all of this chapter for more details.

Heard in the spirit “God is the author” and then I heard “He is the finisher of your faith” —for anyone struggling with their faith remember the story of Doubting Thomas or the man that asked for help with his faith? Jesus did not turn them away, he helped them bc they asked.

Heard in the spirit “The Two Became One” —“Encouragement for some of you that God made a promise of marriage too”

Heard in the spirit “Be Patient” “For anyone that is struggling with trust”

Vision: Saw a vision of Jesus in a picture frame. It had blue on the outer part and he was located in a white square with branches and flowers below his image. I knew the branches had meaning – He is the vine and we are the branches…we can do nothing apart from him. John 15:5

Have many more dreams/visions/messages, but waiting to see what/if God wants me to add those first.