Vision: Jesus Coming Out Of Ocean Refreshed


Vision: I saw Jesus in a colorful sunset scene and Jesus came up out of the ocean like he was refreshed and happy. He had his white robe on.
Vision: A few days later I have this vision of Jesus standing by another similar colorful sunset and he was painting, but this time he had this shiny royal navy blue robe on that had some kind of lining in another pattern that looked a bit cranberry. The robe looked like it was for a King. I’ve never seen him in this color before.
Vision: I saw a third vision of Jesus in the sky and his face was shaped into the clouds like he was looking down on earth at us. The clouds were blue and orange gradient tones.
Vision: I see a shifting and aligning in the spirit. There was land and on this land I see around 7 square type boxes and in them were different stories and I see these stories shifting and aligning together. It was like different land or area’s of the world in each of them.
God said “Where are my children”
I heard: “God will remove God out of the loveless.” I looked this up and came to a part in revelation where he is talking to the churches(his groups of people) and specifically the loveless church or people. He will remove their lampstand/candlestick from it’s place if they do not repent and turn to their first love Jesus. Revelation 2:1-7
Vision: I saw this prophetic drive time guy that I see on youtube at times and he had a gray background scene. He snapped his fingers and said, “It’s Your Time To Shine” This was a quick vision, but very clear vision.
Vision: I see a house on water that has a pyramid type structure. There is a tree half way built into it in the front where the house looked built with it. This house had red bricks.
Dream: I am living on my aunts land and two preachers come to help me build, but I tell them it is not my land to build on.