Visions, Message & Warning (Human Trafficking)


Vision: I saw Jesus sitting and he said: “The road is pure for some of us” Matthew 5:8
Vision: I see a vision of Jesus feet, his white robe, and with no shoes on. It was showing only his ankles down. I see between his feet about 5-7 circles going from one inner side of the foot to the other. These circles were white with tan outlines. Then directly after this I see a vision of Jesus sitting and looking out into the distance like on a hill or mountain with a daytime sky. His hair was down and no hood up.
Luke 7:36-50 and Revelation 1:13-18
Dream: I dreamed of Jesus in his white robe healing people and there was a circle of people watching. There was two men with him helping who also had great power from the Lord. I was excited to see him, but I kept my distance admiring Jesus. He came around the circle passing all the people to stand in front of me. The closer he got he turned into a man with short dark hair like a pastor healer type and had a mole or spot on his left cheek. He had a joking type personality and he backed up and said “Kim” and then he called me “Elizabeth” smiling. He then turned around and put his hands on my cheeks and started to heal my voice and he told me to speak words. I repeated them, and then they kinda laughed at how I said certain words with my accent and I laughed with them. I loved that he had a personality with humor too. He also healed other parts of my eyes and not sure what all he did, but I knew he was healing me. I felt he desired to be close to me and he called me out of the crowd…it made me feel special to him. I felt this was a man who was a leader with Jesus fully consumed in him, so much I could not tell them apart. Jesus heart and personality was coming out through him.
Heard: Let It Come To You
Warning!! Human Trafficking: I dreamed of a car that two men with tan skin and dark hair was driving. I believe it was an older small car blue in color. They somehow convinced this group of young people to come and they were taking them far. I was playing the role of one and my family, sisters nephews son etc…So I know this was a family that was blind to it. I see a sign while driving that said “Human Trafficking” and I knew God was warning. They passed a outlet type mall that had a white building and I was taking pictures with my phone to send to someone for help after I knew where they were taking us. They were also going down some long dirt roads. We stopped at a place that seemed like a restaurant or bar type place, but there was a man’s home connected or nearby. I see him come out with many children that had black mask on all their mouths and a black wrap around their heads. They ended up somehow taking my sister and he did something to her stomach but she got away. I got us all into the bathroom of this building to think of a plan and two men like mexican’s were there and I was asking for help, but they just looked away as if they could not. This was a very dark place. it seemed this was a young couple at first, and their family that trusted these men, yet they did not really know them. I think there was something ab living in a mobile home. I believe the father tried to protect them to keep them inside, but they ignored him. Please pray with me against the attacks of the enemy with this on your families and all. Your prayers will reach heaven regarding this and God will not let this go unpunished! God see’s all!