Vision: Jesus At Sunrise


Vision: I saw Jesus smiling and he was whispering things kind of close to my ear saying, “You will have faith, love and righteousness etc. He continued to talk about these things to my spirit. I look behind him and I see this very big sunrise view where the sun was just coming up and he had his hand facing it as if saying, “You will rise as the sun.” How powerful of a message bc the sun can also be a representation of Jesus as the sun. The son(Jesus) will rise up in us. I know God did this on purpose for a reason, the sun shines and Jesus shines. The sun rises and Jesus rises. The sun brings glory and light and so does Jesus. The sun is bright and makes us feel warm, and so does Jesus. The sun brings hope of a new day, and so does our beautiful Jesus.

————–Please discern if some or any of these messages are about or for you below———–

Vision: I see another vision of Jesus several days later and he was more distant in his white robe with his hood up watching me again. If I am distant, he shows me with this vision at times to remind me not to get too far away from him. He really does love us close.

Heard: I heard in the spirit very clear while looking at Vegan recipes – “Lay down our life John 15:13
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Heard: “A Jan man will come to you”….I am really discerning this one bc I don’t remember what I heard clearly and I was deeply sleeping when I heard it.

Text Message From A freind: Your gonna shine! This was a personal message I believe God was giving me through a friend and goes with the main message of the sunrise.

Heard: “Get the jet going and I’ll do the moving.”

Heard: Something about “Writing To Change”

Vision: I saw another man at a nursing home or hospital waiting room seat. He had his hat on backwards as I seen before. He had the same expression I keep seeing on Jesus and this guys face of like a surprised happy look with his eyes open wider and mouth open, but this time he had his finger pointing to the right of him for some reason. I saw this guys face much more detailed this time and he had hazel eyes. His skin had a small tan and he reminded me of my cousin who passed away with resemblence in some ways. He had a fun personality same as the other visions. I did not see his hair this time, but only his hat I think gray colored. Not sure if this guy is the one or someone reading these post, but I keep seeing repetitive things in dreams ab a guy at a nursing home or hospital. He looked ab late 30’s?

Dreams: A man in an apartment was very poor using dollar store items to clean his clothes and I believe he was mixed in color. He did not have many items either.

Dream: i think I was playing the role of this mother. I dreamed of a little blonde girl long wavy hair who was very bratty and disobedient sitting on the bed while I was asking her if she wanted Arby’s. She ignored me so I picked her up sat her on the dresser and said I am your mommy and you have to listen to me. it was like I had a teenage son also who was helping the father move tables at a restaurant where the party ended and we were putting tables back in place. The husband changed to being nice again and asked if I wanted to go out on a date now, when I expected him to not be like this.

Dream: In this dream I was playing the role of a friend to a girl who had a car broke down in a car parking lot at a restaurant. The restaurant or owner came out and let us stay there for a few days. Not sure if we were poor, but felt like we were living in our car. We were two girls almost like friends, but it felt like I did not know the one driving extremely well. It was like a mall parking lot and we were parked by a food court where the owner in there did not like us and would not serve us anything, but the employee did anyways and ignored the managers request to stop giving out drinks bc they were closing.

Dream: I was holding a newborn baby boy and it was like I was forgetting to feed him. At one point I was asking someone to help me get something out of a closet and no one would help. I could not find milk or did not have any and some lady gave me her last bottle of milk for him…it had a connection almost like it was breast milk she gave away bc that was all she had. I remember feeling like I was struggling to take care of this baby, but then she came to help at in a kitchen scene.

Dream: There was a group of men possibly military? like a group plotting/planning before another attack hits. They had some under water system to keep ppl out of their area, bc I think this was the way enemies were getting in. It looked like an under water tunnel. They had to rethink the plan and it seemed like their new plan was going to work. They had ppl disappearing, so they had to figure a way to keep the enemies out. They finally figured out why, bc the enemy and a witch were trying to fool ppl and they had a fancy house they lived in. I believe it was white.