3 Visions of Jesus

Note: The bible say’s we prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9), and this means God reveals the meanings fully in his time so he gets the glory not us. So take all messages you feel are for you to the Lord and get confirmation from him personally. He desires a personal relationship with each of us.

I saw a few visions of Jesus on different days. One he was walking into an elementary school with his white robe on and a tan covering. This vision I saw the back of him walking. The second I saw him tending to his sheep on green pastures. He had a similar tan sackcloth robe on this time. This vision I saw his back and the sheep were all around him eating grass. The third vision I see him sitting by a water well that was just like a poor area with a simple circular area (almost like a big tube or metal placed in the ground) as the well.. He had again this tan robe on and his hair was down and grass all around on the ground. This vision he was sitting watching me.

I have had some things going on in my life that I had to make clear decisions on. I did the daniel fast for 7 days and God cleared up so much during that fast. God told me very early on that it was better to be obedient then to fast, because I told him I can’t fast and I always failed. This time it was amazing how he prepared me for the fast before I even had the thought that I needed to do it. He also gave so much grace, because I was not perfect, yet I continued it. I can now see the benefits of fasting and how it clears your mind, body and soul from fleshly confusion. His spirit becomes stronger. It’s not about perfection, it’s more about obedience. He teaches us how to be more and more like him with time and obedience. Sometimes it’s just starting it where you gain strength to continue it. I was not perfect, but God still honored my sacrifices because his heart has grace for us.

Below is another Supernatural Marriage Story where God told both people who their spouse was. Remember, God never uses perfect people, he uses people that reveal his glory fully and desire to follow his will. A pattern I have noticed are these couples all asked God and sacrificed relationships for the promise. They all were willing to grow and they all finally surrendered their own choice to God’s choice. I hope this video encourages someone.

Dream: I dreamed of a young girl with cancer dying and she was a friend to a young boy. This was about middle school aged. There was something to do with them or him dancing and he was taking life for granted and her time for granted. He thought she would be there forever and had immaturity, but she knew her time was up. She was sitting on the computer and started to get dizzy and told him she loved him before she died. I could feel his sadness.