Vision: I Saw Jesus Among Children


This is not all of my dreams/visions, but the rest I felt were more personal messages.

Vision: I saw Jesus sitting on the grass among a lot of children playing all around him. He was watching them and they seemed to be all over the place running around. This is a pattern among other things God keep’s showing me that he is always watching his children. He sits among them and observes and he always desires our time.
Vision: A separate vision I saw him with his knee’s up sitting on the ground.
Vision: Another vision of grass or land.
Vision: I saw other visions of Jesus again, in many movements. Like he was doing different things again. This is another pattern of his. He’s always working to make our crooked paths straight.
Vision: I saw this spanish girl a bit heavy set, and dark hair in braided pigtails just past her shoulders. She said “Alright”
Vision: I saw a window and through it I saw that same butterfly I had a vision of a while ago and it shined bright through this window.
Vision: I saw an envelope come up and it said “It’s Time” Another pattern.
Vision: I saw some invitation or letter another day that said “Trust Needed or Trust it?” I can’t remember which it was, but same meaning.
Vision: I saw Jesus laying in a box another day, it looked like his robe had a red sash. I always tell people, don’t put God in a box.
Heard: Heard in the spirit one morning “Stand up and Defeat” and I knew God meant the devil.

Dreams/Visions coming true: I have had several come true lately. A couple more of men I was speaking with online. I knew nothing about their looks, or situation that God showed me and I told the dreams to both men and the details were true.
Another dream I remembered I had a while ago and I am not sure if I wrote that dream, but I saw this glass window in a couples home and tigers all around it. I was watching this youtube video and it was the same dream I had, so somehow God shows me various things I will see in the future. I do have some idea of why he does this, but need him to confirm.

Dream: They were sacrificing these ppl in glass containers filled with water and it felt like some kind of circus tank and Jesus was one of them. The men were like soldiers and you could tell they were evil. I said save Jesus, but it was like I could only watch the scene from the sky. He was bound and other ppl were too and they threw them in the containers. One woman and her child were in two separate containers. The mom had to watch them throw their daughter in. At some point, after I yelled save Jesus, someone came to save them and I felt relief. The meaning felt more like an end of world event, where they had no hearts an drowned out Jesus more inside ppl.

Dream: Young Guy & girl trying to get on at walmart, got on for ab 2 weeks I think and then laid off and told to come back. The first position was for some type of data entry thing or possibly training in a room upstairs. They told them to contact someone about returning but everyone kept passng the guy by, ignoring him. He tried contacting by phone and went up their and they were interviewing so many ppl. One person gave him an attitude like it is his fault he’s not hired on bc he should have contacted them. Managers kept ignoring him walking around with other hire’s. Then he found one girl and told her he has been trying to get hired on, but can’t, but she was on lunch and talking with her headphones to someone drawing on some board. He sat patiently waiting and finally told the girl with frustration…”I have done everything to try and get this job back and no one is listening.” I need to talk to the manager now. She finally was going to take him serious. There was also something about allergies and either moving to TN or living in Tennessee bc it was better. It felt like he were a young male who loved your girlfriend and was good to her, but I was not sure if you guys were still together. This almost felt like something that happened in his past. A memory that he can’t let go possibly.

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