Jesus Transparent


Saw Jesus in the night transparent with his hood up.
Vision: Back of Bed with mud spots all over it.
Words: Someday is the word str strong use. (STR = strength)
Vision: Saw three white boxes with numbers in them, 111, 118, 119 and then I saw the word “May”
Dream: Saw a little girl and more children brought in with spiritual gifts and we were trying to watch them, but one boy was very bad. Then I saw a little girl outside jump over a cliff and a man jumped to save her, and I went and beside me was a tiger growling, but then bear was there and I felt protected, but when the tiger came out of the dark it was a beautiful white tiger and it somehow was hugging me and I petted it and it liked me then. I tamed the tiger.
Dream: Evil children running crazy in high school.
Dream: Evil man mistreating my son over making films/movies and was controlling.