Jesus Holding A Witch Broom


Vision: Jesus was holding a witch broom, like a small handheld version.  God is talking a lot about witchcraft stuff lately, so it sounds like he is trying to get his point across. Some of you may be practicing this and he is making it clear that you allow demonic activity into your lives. God is trying to protect you, by saying he is against this. Please see all scriptures showing how he feels about it. If he is the ruler of the world and ruler over demons, then why do we allow these demons to rule over our lives?  God is all powerful and over them and I would much rather not want to be on the wrong side of the fence, over a demon who is powerless to the almighty God.
Dream: I dreamed me and my sisters were speaking at a funeral.
Vision: Showed myself cutting my hair and grooming, like preparing for something.
Dream: My friend was speaking to a crowd about God and I remember thinking he isn’t shy at all.