Heard “Trust Me…God”


Heard a door shut (Doors represent new opportunities and seasons or communication with heaven).
Heard: “Trust Me…God”…”but I still enjoy my new days. ” (My heart was troubled last night and God reassured my spirit)
Heard: “There was food” and then I saw 3 white canisters with garnish greenery and Rodin’s name was on center can. This was at some kind of party. (White is a symbol of purity)
Heard & Felt Sand being poured beside my left eye. (God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding and largeness of heart as the sand that is on the seashore (1 Kings 4:29).
Vision: Jesus getting out of drivers seat, but he left the door open.
Vision: Octagon hallway with many doors
Dream: Me and a man in like a school for prophetic dreamers to learn ab it and he found a map with all locations so we got kicked out Bc he took it to get ahead of them and somehow I just followed him. I also asked a prophetic girl a question and she answered. We ended up on land after this and when they used their power to hurt a praying mantis that was on a small new growing tree… God flooded the area to warn us not to hurt them. All the other prophetic ppl were being released from heaven. Then we were at a house and evil ppl were coming to hurt us and prophetic ppl came too. (The praying mantis is a representation of a prophet or seer also. How cool that God uses animal symbols for interpretation. After research I also believe it is a symbol to pray more).
“””The mysterious praying mantis, a recognizable type of insect, has fascinated humans for centuries. Found on all continents except Antartica, there are over 1,800 praying mantis species, and eight families of mantids. The word mantid comes from a Greek term that means ‘prophet’ or ‘seer.’ One of the praying mantis’s most distinctive physical features, which led to its descriptive name, are the front legs which are folded in a pose that makes it appear they are praying.”””
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