God said “Trust his Timing”


Vision: I was trying to sleep and I saw a vision of Jesus in his white robe again white his hood up. I was looking at him from behind and I was behind a storage shelf where I could not see below his waist. I saw him open a door and not sure if it was a small door or regular door since I could not see the bottom.
Vision: I saw a black board come down in my view and it had many columns and rows of white words and the very center word was then highlighted in yellow and it said “Trust His Timing” Wow, such a powerful and clear message.
His scriptures regarding timing and waiting on the Lord: https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Gods-Timing/
Vision: Colorful rings swirling and they opened a little and a very pretty colorful rock floated up.
Dream: Dreamed I saw a young girl walking in high boots and she needed a ride home from her mom’s house where her mom was ill in bed. The girl was taking a long time to get ready. My nephew was with me and a little girl.
Dream: I was getting the water off the top of my swing and a lot of turtles fell on the ground from it.

Words I keep seeing: Salt & Joy