Heard “Move”


Heard the word “Move
Vision: Jesus was up close in pencil line art and all white background. He appeared to be sitting.
Vision: Saw upper body of Jesus in a box type thing with rounded edges.
Dreaming: I was dreaming a lot about witchcraft and a few girls were involved. There was something about a bar scene also. I also saw myself driving down a road and a magical tree kept popping up and I kept trying to go around it.
Dream: Older couple with white hair. I saw them before in a dream. They seemed happy together.
Words: I continue to see many things about “Salt” from God. He talks about not letting your salt be tasteless or another way to say is keep desiring to be like Jesus. We have to keep pressing through and being obedient to God, so we can be his salt in the earth. We give the earth more flavor with Jesus inside us guiding us.  Keep asking, seeking, and knocking for more of him.
Bible Verses About Salt: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Salt/type/kjv