Heard “The Road is Narrow”


The last two mornings I heard the holy spirit say “The Road is NarrowMatthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
The road is through Jesus and is not easy, you can’t want to be like the world and his spirit is very different then the way the world thinks. This is why we have to learn and be led by his spirit. Also, you will be tested to reveal your true heart for him and to clean up the impurities, because some don’t realize their hearts are far from him. We can pray for help with this if he reveals this to us. If you are called to be the bride(men too) of Jesus you will be tested and prepared for the wedding feast he talks about. Verses on the wedding feast: https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-The-Marriage-Supper-Of-The-Lamb/
Vision: I saw a butterfly flying over a dark city
Saw Words: Coming Soon Again ( John 14:3)
Saw Words: Mary and part of my last name.
Many of my dreams were showing schools or babies of some kind I had to care for. I realize because of my trials recently God is saying this is part of your testing.
Dream: Wrestling with a baby while driving and the baby was trying to get out the window while I had oncoming traffic next to me.
Dream of a school scene and sister and me had guys that liked us and a guy told me he cared for me.
Dream: I was battling with a group of men as a team like environment and we all laughed and joked.
Dream: There were four baby animals and I was caring for them, but had to choose one. Frog, horse, pig or tiger. There was a groom who was writing to say he was sorry for something in the process of this. Like he was saying he was sorry I had to care for the animal. I gave them hay and was debating between the horse and the frog, but ended up taking the baby tiger. I ended up on a plane with it somehow.
Saw a name someone called me that started with the word “golden.” I don’t remember the second part.
Dream I was in a college where I was going from room to room and I ended up with a group of ppl where a young boy about 12 had a baby tiger with him and I remember petting it and playing with it.
Dream: I saw a very steep hill or mountain with snow and many cars trying to go up it, but many fell off or got knocked off. For example, one got knocked off by a plane. Half way up, there appeared to be a wedding reception that was being set up.