God Is Revealing A Change Coming


Ok, so since my post yesterday God has been doing some wonderful things. First, I see the word “star” at work and it stands out in my spirit. Then, On my way home I see this star blinking literally like a blue christmas light. It was unusual to me, almost like the star was talking to me and def not normal bc it was like it was growing a bit to make sure I notice it. I know a lot of ppl make up reasons for the blinking, but I am telling you God uses his stars to show mysteries too if we really pay attention like the 3 wise men and the big bright star that led them to Jesus. This did not look normal to me. I felt it was some kind of sign from God about change, and even showed my son when I got home and he saw it. Then I go back out to look at the star again bc I was amazed and knew God was trying to say something and I just felt love for God at that point bc it reminded me when I would talk to him for hours when I was younger and of the vision he showed me of him looking at his stars. I said, God, show me something amazing in your sky and right then a huge shooting star appears and my jaw dropped bc it was instant. I had a huge smile on my face and felt he was smiling too. Then I come in and talked to my sister and son about it and Rodin also, and mention I think it’s a sign or change. I sit on my computer and the first thing I go to say’s, “Time To Love, New Star.” Then a prophetic video pop’s up and talks about a cinderella story (see below), love story with God and also a change is coming with clear skies. This girl I have never seen before, and was like where did she come from, but everything she said was God confirming everything he showed me in my past entries about being a “Queen Bride” and the annointing I felt, and just so many things she confirmed. She also said, something is coming! She talked about some of us laying on the ground, and my last vision I was just that. She talked about how Jesus stamped some of us with seal, and I had the vision of him stamping me and sealing me. She talked about the white garments he prepared and he showed me a vision of him preparing white garments for me. So much, God confirmed that I was in tears. I told God yesterday I didn’t feel protected and she said that very thing, God protects you and loves you. Wow, I am kinda speechless at how he has chosen to heal me this time and he def did what he said and restored me to feeling his love again. I also can’t help but feel from some of the messages I am getting, he is also saying “Strong Man” is on his way. I know ultimately he is saying and proving to me I am one of his “Queen Brides” and I did not believe him for so long, but he keeps pushing it in my face and my heart. When he first started telling me I was chosen, I had no clue what he meant. I am really convinced now after so long I am one of his brides to be. I am not sure what a queen bride does and I def don’t feel worthy to be that, but I am thankful to be that close to his heart. He is def close to mine also and has put me in tears so much these past two in a half years. I know he allows suffering for growth, but man when he shows up all the suffering means nothing compared to his love. I can’t wait to be with him in heaven forever, bc I see how he loves and I don’t wanna be away from that kinda love 🙂  I am so very attached to him also, and feel lost if he doesn’t talk for a while.  Does this mean I get to hear him for the rest of my life…wow I hope so.  I guess this explains why I see his face everywhere and everyday also.  What a beautiful King!  I can’t praise him enough!

The Lord speaks to his bride and shows her love. This is the video and it is a good word from the Lord: