Another Supernatural Marriage


I just found this prophetic lady and watching her has again confirmed how much God speaks in patterns to his true prophets. People are so scared of getting a prophet wrong that they ignore all ( I did it also prior to being called by God), but God makes it known his true ones to you if you love him. He will reveal it to your heart and confirm. Prophets are just another calling that points you to Jesus’ desires, words or direction and ultimately his heart, they are not magicians or psychics or focused on money. Their focus is Jesus fully and the desires of his heart. Your heart will see the heart of Jesus in a true prophet and he will be involved (manifested) in their lives with correcting, encouraging, words or visions or words for his people. I also discern prophets that I feel God sends me as a prophetic girl myself, but the holy spirit is strong enough for me to discern who is his sheep. None of his people are perfect in everything and Jesus will correct, but their heart is for the Lord fully. In the future as God calls me to it, I will write more on this topic with scriptures of how to discern true prophets.
This prophetic lady is very encouraging to my spirit about my promise and the similarities God has shown me with hers. Her words are so similar I felt in my spirit she is a bride also. She was def sent to encourage me as I have been discouraged from disappointments that I did not set out to find on my own. They just happen. I have given up on relationships and def don’t look or desire to even look. I do still believe God’s promise, but I have seen nothing but men that caused me more pain or not true Godly men. Maybe this was a protection for the promise I feel or part of testing, but feeling like I don’t even want a man now. I feel like I will have a hard time trusting again. God def has to be fully involved for me to even believe he is the one chosen, and so I stay alone. I know when the time is right, maybe God will open back up my heart.
She speaks in some of her video’s about birthing, she uses the words God continues to show me a lot lately of “Suddenly.” The promise will happen suddenly. She spoke about a shift after God showed me a shift also and the words “Focus” another one of God’s famous words he tells me often if I get off track. Her ministry is focused on supernatural marriages and relationships like mine. God loves to be involved in marriage..Let him choose your spouse bc while there are many spouses that seem to qualify, only one is prepared and chosen by the Lord and he will be involved fully in the marriage where trust is put in his hands! A supernatural marriage is all about Jesus and it’s focus is all about his glory from both people who were prepared by him.
Saw: “Get the results” and then I saw the words “Jeremiah.” I felt this word was possibly for the counterfeit friend who I spoke with, bc I was thinking ab how he is confused with scriptures and then I got this vision. God wanted to speak through him this time if he will open his eyes and ears while reading again…God had something to show him I believe. The holy spirit never stops teaching and has layers it can show us if we are not stuck in our own ways of learning. Learn to be sensitive to his spirit. This word may be for other’s as well, so let God lead as you read it.
Word: “Results”—This is another word I see so much lately “Results.”
Vision: I saw a man again with a man bun and dark hair and I believe a white t-shirt on. He was sitting down sideways and doing something with a white circular background behind him. Not sure if this is my strong man or not, but def a pattern of seeing this guy with a man bun.
Heard A woman’s voice say: 11 days after Christmas ( Not sure what will happen, but God wanted me to hear it)
Saw white words: Jesus – Jesus has been encouraging me consistently still to this day and my love has grown more and more. I can’t be without him.
Many of my dreams have been about being chased by enemies still. I know this is the enemy. I don’t document all my dreams like these, bc there has been a lot.
Dream: I was dreaming of seeing evil people a lot and I had to get my nephew to school in one. There was an evil man we were running from. My sister was there and we were both trying to get to the car secretly to get somewhere. Something ab a shopping mall and night time and could not find my car also, and there was evil all around me.