Jesus Face In My Sadness


I was laying down last night and so sad in my heart because a freind that I trusted just stopped talking to me. I closed my eyes and saw Jesus up close. I saw his nose pretty clear but the other parts of his face had shadows. He was so realistic and so close. (Jesus nose was more rounded at the tip and his hair was long covering some of his face. The picture below shows his nose a bit closer to what I saw. ) I knew he was comforting me and he is near to the brokenhearted. Please don’t just walk away from people without giving them closure, this is not God’s way and only creates scars and long term pain. Jesus would never walk away from someone he loved or that loved him and he is our example to follow. Don’t cause more pain on them then the world already gives, by making them worry what happened to you also. Do what’s right and tell them the truth.

Dream: I dreamed of the end of the world and their was like a hologram or copy of man(angel) in every yard making an announcement to prepare (not sure if this is a bad angel or good angel).
Vision: I saw two tattoos on a mans arm. One was a kings crown and the other was a crown all the way around the arm. I believe this guy could have been at the shopping mall with me in another dream and we were in some kinda contest and the announcer/grocer knew I needed help with groceries so he gave me $100 to pay for them. I went up at one point looking at chocolate pudding pies, but thought ok not healthy enough.
Dream: I dreamed a guys last wish was for ppl to jump off this high cliff. Two guys decided to take on the challenge, but they had a bus full of kids with down syndrome in the back too. After it went into the water, the two guys swam to the top and one said “We need to go save them” and the other said “it’s too late” I remember seeing the kids in the bus trying to get out and I got sad.
Vision: I asked God a question a few nights ago and this was what I saw….Baltimore then I see a checkmark box with a checkmark in it.
Dream: Me and my sister was doing things in sequence, like on a flying carpet, then tap dancing. Felt like the meaning was we were aligned somehow.
Dream: Me and my sons were staying in a place with a lot of cabins and a girl was coming to paint one of the cabins and I look out and see a big black bear in the road. I look over at my sons and worry they will get hurt.