Heard “Isabel”


I woke the other morning and heard “Isabel” and the name actually is a form of Elisabeth (ultimately Hebrew Elisheba)…meaning “God is my oath”
Vision: I saw Jesus the other night and it was like I was looking through something to see him, bc some parts were cut off.
Song: Sometimes God gives me songs and this is the song I woke up to this morning hearing: Garth Brooks “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” The words are so beautiful.


Dream: I dreamed my mom was getting married and it was a small wedding. I only vaguely remember her wedding dress and it was simple and her hair was half up. She appeared happy, but I never saw the guy.
Vision: I saw a vision of my webstore (I just started this) like it grew and had tan like garland as one of graphics. Kinda like a party theme for something.
Dream: Me and my sisters were going in neighborhood’s at night doing something for kids to help them. It was like they were trying to find these stuffed animals for them in yards. I appeared busy, so they kept working.
Dream: I dreamed my sisters and me were at a movie theater with all our kids and I see a door open to the roof by the movie theater and see a couple gun men out their. I told my sisters to run and we got out. It then appeared to be everything was under water. People were trying to build underwater homes. There was very little land left.
Update on my friend: God Answered my pray instantly! My friend who I thought disappeared, finally spoke with me again. I was praying so deep and so hard and with many tears, and asking God to please let me know he was ok. Right as I was praying and this was late at night, he text me finally. God heard me!