God Revealed The Truth


I have to write what happened to me bc it is weighing heavily on my heart. I have kept a guy I have been getting close to kind of a secret, because I thought he could be the one, but wanted God to reveal it to me first. I really started to love this guy and believed everything he said. He was a man of God supposedly one involved in church. We talked about scriptures and he challenged me which I thought was good. However, something in me (God) kept saying something is off. I questioned if he was a counterfeit often. I kept praying for God to show me if he was the one. I had many dreams of me and him with a daughter and some things made me think he was the one. I was completely fooled. He was with me and another girl telling us both the same lies. The night before last I got out of bed knowing he was on the game I usually come on wondering why he goes without me so much. I asked God “Please reveal to me the full truth tnt” and I believed he would. I found him talking to her and ended up finding out from her all his lies. Why?? Tell me why is a man of God doing this and pretending to love ppl only to hurt them? I knew a lot of guys in this game lied….but a man of God and for months?? My heart is crushed and I learned my lesson to wait for God to reveal and make it clear as he said. God warned me ab this guy with the symbol of the mistletoe at christmas with an X in it, but I ignored it thinking maybe I am wrong. God gave me the warning instantly, because it was the man I would love at christmas even before I knew I would grow love. This man has been revealed to me before he came as the one I kissed on the cheek. It all came true! I am not quite sure ab the daughter dreams though, but maybe a spiritual meaning or God trying to reveal he had a younger girl in the game. Two post ago God said he would link something together, so prepare. I know that God linked it together finally things that didn’t make sense to both me and that girl and God did make all wrongs right, but now my heart is more hurt and less trust then before in ppl. I honestly don’t know how to get past this, I really believed he had a good heart for God and he could be him. :(( In my sadness last nite, I saw Jesus again and this time after I saw his face, I saw both his hands facing upwards like saying “I have you in the palms of my hands” he was comforting me. I saw this right after I said “Jesus pls don’t give me anymore, I can’t handle it!” I won’t look for him anymore, so God will have to bring him to my door bc I am done trusting men.  I won’t reveal his name, because God is his judge and I do pray his eyes are unblinded.

Luke 12:2 – For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.
God said the word “New
Vision: I saw a vision of a baseball with the letters “MF” or “MG” cant’ remember exactly which.
I saw a vision of a car trunk with a heart shaped wood box in it.
Heard: He breaks you free from an over sense of self-awareness..