God said “Get Ready”


Sorry I have not written in a while, but I was going through a lot. God has been speaking a lot still, but I did not write them all down for various reasons. It’s been a tough couple of weeks.
God said “Get Ready
God said “The BEST
Vision: I saw someone playing with some colorful loops that were connected. I did not see who it was. I felt a man.
Vision: I saw a Fire inside a garage and was close to the top of it.
Vision: I had a vision of an avi girl in photo booth picks of 4 for a guy I know to say he still loves her or has someone he loves.
Vision: I saw this same guys name with “iready” next to it and then I saw him offline. I dreamed of trying to call this person also, but it logged off.
Vision: I saw a man running in a parking lot with a ball cap possibly brown and black jacket on with backpack. He had jeans on and was tall with goatee. He looked over at me, then kept going bc he was running late for work. It was dark out.
Dream: I was running up a hill and demons were trying to take something out of my hand and I dropped it and they got it, but I saw my friend on a rope climbing and I jumped ahead of him and noticed it was about to fall bc the rock could not hold, so we both got down.