God Spoke of Isaiah

I have not written in a while as I have been going through so many things and forgot my password. My husband finally divorced me and I became sad and angry often with God and the world. I am living in my mom’s basement and have become desolate. I know I am still grieving but I am trying to press through as God is telling me. I continue to hear things from God sometimes when i start to sleep or awaken, or just things he shows me continously. Like the night before last I was crying and talking to God and before I fell asleep I heard “Isaiah.” Recently I have seen the words “Press Beyond” and “Prepare” a lot. I truly feel in my spirit they are from God and cannot explain how I just know. I will try to continue to write the things he shows me to remember his goodness in my time of trials. I will find all my experiences I wrote down in different places and try to compile them here in a single note. I believe God is telling me I am his sometimes, but I struggle with believing him because I don’t hear him or feel him inside like other’s do. Somehow though I feel it’s him working in my life to get me there. Maybe this is how God works in mysterious ways, he works the way we individually know him and understand him. I’m always open to his teachings, even if I don’t understand him right away and even with my current empty heart. Today I read John 1:1 and 1:14 ( where it shows the word was made flesh and was God) I still need to read Isaiah as the lord told me :p
Update: God has been confirming he speaks in these ways too and my spirit knows now what is from him. He will repeat and show visions or images etc..