Jesus Vision and Words of Grace

My friend I have who knows scripture well was talking to me about how he said Jesus never said grace in bible, but I knew it is because of him we have grace. I could not remember scripture for it, but I knew what God told me in my spirit about his grace. My friend wanted confirmation and I had none to give. I was discouraged and layed down early for bed. I heard Jesus in my spirit say “My grace is sufficient for you!” Wow, he gave me the scripture and that was the exact scripture he said to me a while ago in the past through a person talking on phone. I text my friend instantly to show him what Jesus said. Then a few minutes later, I saw a vision of Jesus sitting at a wood table with a candle burning and shining on his face. Was so vivid and more realistic like he was right there and made me feel so warm. He again had his short dark hair and beard with white robe. He was doing something with one hand and smiling at it right next to the lit candle. Was a beautiful vision of him, but now I desire to know what he was working on so bad.