Road to Damascus

Last night I dreamed God gave three Yes’s to the guy I have been praying about if he was my future husband. I saw his username with the question I asked and then the yes’s followed that like Yes, YES, Yez (apparently slang for YES lol). While I don’t remember the question clearly I knew in my spirit it was along the lines of “What about CB?” I asked God the day before for a clear answer, and when I woke up I saw the words on a coke top box I had left on my bed say “Perfectly Clear,” To clear this story up even further, I have been talking to him since I met him…things were just too coincidental to stop talking. I wasn’t sure if this guy was for spiritual purposes or what. I am seeking confirmation, but ultimately I am trusting God knows best for me. I know he will tell me if this was not from him. This could mean a great spiritual partnership or yes to him getting married too, but time will tell.
I then took a nap and i heard a voice when I woke say..Kim, where does the road to damascus lead? Is a big change coming?….hmmm God likes to show breadcrumbs as CB has said and I am noticing it as well.
John 6:35… Jesus said “I am the bread of life.”
Prophecy of Damascus: