God Spoke of Meekness

I have been having some strange experiences lately that I am unsure about. I am asking God for confirmation that this is from the Holy Spirit, and it seems like every time he gives me the ok. However, a new feeling of a very cold back has started off and on. I feel my back is freezing and sometimes down my shoulders, and it doesn’t last long. A couple of nights I felt like something jumped in my body and I broke out into sweats. None of these last long, but they are unusual. Parts of my body feel very hot. Like where I broke my ankle a year ago, it gets warm as if Jesus touched it. I feel touches on my forehead like electricity and it feels like oil is falling down my head. I even had something touching my finger at one point and it twitched for a while. I am still looking into them, but from what I am learning these are manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I never felt any of this until I started believing in the Holy Spirit Baptism and asked God for proof it is from him. I feel God led me to this article about this Hindu women who did not believe in Jesus and she suffered also, and Jesus chose her to do healings. She had an awesome encounter with Jesus who personally annointed her to heal. I feel like that may be what God wants from me, but not sure yet my calling to help the kingdom. Sometimes I speak in tongues, because I have a urge too, even though I don’t think I am baptized yet, so not sure if I should be doing it. So, this morning I spoke in tongues and afterwards I layed down for a nap. The words, “meekness” was spoke to me a few times. I remembered and looked it up and it relates to suffering in the old testament and humble or gentle like Jesus. I think it was God letting me know Jesus suffered too and this was all for a good cause in the future. There was other messages from God, but I can’t remember them word for word. They were more of encouragement from him that he is with me. I know I am not ready yet to be baptized because I still have a little doubt, but I am coming to full confidence this is from God. I am just enjoying the journey of getting in touch with my spirit side and knowing God more.
Meaning of Meekness is a possible attribute of human nature and behavior. It has been defined several ways: righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering willing to follow gospel teachings; an attribute of a true disciple.