Encouragement from God


Vision: I saw Jesus face on page like a kids illustration.
Dream: I was buying and splitting land with a guy with a long dirt road that was unfinished and we were doing a restaurant biz together and working on our menu and he wanted to meet on fridays, but I said thursdays are better.
He encourages us-but do you take notice?
Some days and lately I struggle more then normal as I get knocked down over and over, yet God sent encouragement my way. He wanted me to write down some things I desired in this strong man, by sending me to a post I read below where the girl got what she wanted in her description of her husband…I felt it in my spirit it was from him. It took my mind of things of the world and put my focus back on him and his promises to me. I am excited for this strong man who will be perfect for me.
Another thing he did was told me this morning would be a blessing and I woke up thinking ab it, then all of a sudden my sisters show up as I am still in bed lol wanting to take me out to eat and shopping with them and my mom. I did feel blessed! He knows how to lift us up and he has been spot on with what he says he will do! :))

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