Hearing “Guard Your Heart”


Saw a vision of a huge white board and it had many rows and columns and repetitive words that I could not make out.
Saw a vision of a text message as if from a friend and the respondee said “Celebrated it and needed it”, then a lot of smiley faces.
Dream: I dreamed my mom was saying, “We need to get another pool”, then I am in my car putting a coffee maker in it. This seemed more like a realistic vision then dream.
The spirit has been repeating to me: Guard your heart and Pray and I believe this story is God’s lesson with it. Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Satan’s Counterfeits When God makes a Promise:
There was an incident the other day where there was a guy who came to move stuff out of my mom’s backyard and he looked like this guy in my dreams that was the strong man. Black hair and goatee, and very cute I might add. I questioned if this man was him, but knew God would make it known. I didn’t want to do any part in taking God’s glory if it was. So I remained silent around him, but noticed he kept staring as he loaded the truck. He was getting in good with my mom and making sure I was ok bc my dog ran away. He offered to take me looking…ummm stranger danger lol All the things that can fool you. My mom got him to get my number for future business bc her cell was not working and as he left he starting texting and I could tell he liked me. He wanted to come back to help me find my dog and was very persistent, so I eventually thought sure why not. We walked to look for her and eventually sat down to talk, I felt in my spirit something was off with him and smelled alcohol. He was good at covering it up. I witnessed to him about how I hear God speak now and then was trying to say goodbye bc I could see he was getting too comfortable. Then he started rubbing my back as I was talking ab God and I got straight up and said “I knew you were here for that” so I walked in and locked the door. Don’t give satan a chance! He text me later saying he apologized for offending me. Wow, I realized at this point Satan will send counterfeits and we need to guard our hearts and be smart.