Vision of Butterfly


I had another vision of a butterfly and it was realistic vision. Had black wings and colorful inside. It was flying around by a road. God has been sending me so many butterflies lately. I have them fly by my car all the time while out driving or in front of my face even many times. I def think he is trying to make a point with the butterfly. It represents a new creation made, and the old has passed away.
Vision: I saw a check laying on table with the words “Earn Materials” on it.
Vision: I saw a wall with clock and under it was like a big notepad and on that it said “I am not running away
Dream: I dreamed about a blonde girl who had a baby and she appeared to be tall. She said some guy seduced her, but she didn’t want him too. Somehow she still had the baby, but did not want it from him.
God has been sending me blessings left and right after a small amount of suffering. I almost walked a diff path out of his will and he allows us to suffer to get us back on track. I am thankful 🙂