Prophecy Drop


I heard another prophecy rain drop and sounded a bit more like layers after it dropped. Was much louder this time also.
Meaning biblically: Definition for nataph is…
to drop, drip, distil, prophesy, preach, discourse
(Qal) to drop, drip
to drip
to drop (prophecy)
Saw the words in couple text messages to a friend “Angry Toxic and Toxic another time” I think this is prevention for me personally, but also a warning to be careful some people are toxic in our lives or causes us to become toxic. They can cause you to go further from God instead of closer if they are not in his will for you. God did warn about this person ahead of time, but I chose to ignore thinking maybe I am wrong. Apparently, God was right and there was disappointment the very next day after the warning and a goodbye also. Some people are only meant in our lives for a short time. I hate goodbye’s though 🙁 God has been saying again to me “Focus and Try.”
Saw the numbers 104.78 on a cash register for total price.
I was seeing many sentences and they are possibly God feeding my spirit or speaking to my spirit, because I can’t remember them fully.

Why am I going through so much troubles? Maybe it’s the Joseph calling on your life also…