God said “Time to Prepare”


I had a vision of a blue sign and in white letters “Time to Prepare”  The preparation of his bride: http://www.thewayprepared.com/studies/bride-made-ready.html
Vision: I saw Jesus hand and it had a flower ring on it. For his bride. 🙂
Vision: I saw Jesus head really close this time looking down on me with love I felt. It was like an animated 3d version or clay head and he moved it to look down at me.
Saw in the spirit lights go out. I believe this is a warning to stay on track, and don’t let our lamps burn out.
Dream: This is a repetitive dream I have also and it is about being in a classroom and everyone else is done with test, but me. I seemed to have struggled to get done on time or to even know all the answers. The teacher was coming to offer help.