Jesus Spoke “Nudeda”


I heard Jesus say to my spirit: “Nudeda” and I am not sure how to spell what he said or if it is all one word, but it sounded like that. He sounded so gentle and intimate in his way of speaking this, the same as I always hear him. I was sick and weak and asking him for healing.
Vision: I saw in the center of what looked like a bunch of chaos drawings was a hand of Jesus reaching to me.
Vision: I saw after that a lions mouth in the midst of the same chaos drawings.
Vision: I saw beautiful sea green ocean water and a hand was holding a book that looked like dark leather with a strap, so possibly a diary.
Dream: I dreamed I was looking for land.
Dream: Repetitive dream of an unclean bathroom, but I flushed the toliet this time and cleaned the bowl, however the tub was still dirty with animal waste. I was dreading cleaning it.
Dream: I was with three spiritual people and one was my aunt and we were going around helping people that were sick in like a hospital that is one story with three buildings connected and I had to go get medical supplies. This also is a similar repetitive dream I keep having.