Jesus Took Me To Heaven


I had a vision of Jesus holding me and we were on the ground and he looked up and we shot straight up like going to heaven. I did not get to see heaven, but we were on our way. Loved this vision as I was in the King’s arms and he wanted me close to him 🙂

Mark 10:16 And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

Jesus has been talking a lot about his bride lately to me and this has made him excited. I used to think these were all about strong man only, but now I know it’s a double meaning and I am also part his bride. I am still learning exactly what that means though, but I am loving that he even wants me. Many of the things he has been giving me are a pattern about his bride and wedding feast. Wow, so amazing!

Jesus gets excited for his bride and she has had similar visions:
Dreams: I was dreaming of 3 different type of men I had been involved with since my divorce and one that I liked had a daughter, but I knew none were the strong man.
Dream: I was at my mom’s and all the animals were sleeping in different hidden places and my sisters cat rere was there also, but we thought we lost her and Lilly and somehow we found them. I remember it was raining also and I had to put a bench out for my mom, so I put it out of the rain.