Heard A Door Open


These have been over the past few days.
Heard a Door Open in the spirit.
Heard a yawn in the spirit.
Saw Jesus again just his head in line art, but he was in the distance inside of something with lines.
Feeling into the spiritual world again I felt my head squeezed and I have come to realize this is God doing this and then it appears more prophetic things follow or things in the spirit that I can feel or hear more.
Been seeing consistently “Coming Soon” Jesus comes for his bride.
Saw vision of kids in park area with picnic tables and they kicked candy and it exploded to rain more candy.
A friend said “it was just an email.”
Dreamed of Strong man and I was in the basement with family and somehow it was his home and he was upstairs in his room sleeping. When I woke I got scared because everyone was gone, so I went upstairs and into his room and was on the floor explaining to him what I had seen and he could tell I was scared, but was going to protect me. I wanted and felt his strong protection, yet gentle spirit for women. It appeared he did not know yet I was the one, but I did.
I dreamed of this toddler girl again with long brown hair and tan skin toned that looked like a younger version of me. I somehow got a hotel by accident and ex asked to stay too, and this girl was ours but we were not together, so I wonder if a grandchild to come. I remember again having to protect this girl from a stranger outside the door watching her. Repetitive type dream.
Dream my sisters went to get snacks at store and someone was watching from outside the house and I was able to operate more powerfully in my gifts.