Spiritual Battles in the Wilderness

Vision: I saw Jesus face towards me and it stayed on me longer then normal. Like saying “I am here.”
Vision: I saw a little toddler girl who had dark brown hair half up and a cute patterned dress on sitting at like a picnic table. She was happy and she even looked like me.
Vision: He showed me twice two older women hugging and one kisses the other on cheek. First was two white skinned and other two dark skinned women.
Heard: I heard a drop again (prophecy drop) and I was hearing more things in the spiritual side. Some seemed bad and some good. Voices and noises.
Dream: I dreamed I was going to the hospital with my ex and son bc my sister Tonya was going to have a baby, but somehow I fell asleep and woke to my ex leaving me. I was so upset bc I wanted to go to the hospital, but then I heard my son’s voice and opened my door and he was waiting outside for me bc he did not leave me. 🙂 That made me happy. It seems I was with a man after this at one point, but can’t remember full details. Seems we were in the parking lot talking outside my place or apartments and I liked him.
———————————- Spiritual Battles:
God gave me a word yesterday: “Wilderness” When in the wilderness attacks are allowed for testing. I have been tested so much the last two weeks. One after another. He kinda gives me heads up what’s goin on with these words he gives.
I woke to feeling God’s love this morning so strong and he gave me more insight into the spiritual side of battles we cannot see. The closer you get to Jesus and his ways, the more those who are not walking in spirit truly will not understand you. Even at times attack you bc they do not understand or see what you see in the background. God showed me I hear and see into the spirit realm and it is my job to stop the attacks of the enemy. So, there is a time to not keep silent and be bold for the kingdom. Kingdom fighters. My gifts are so strong that I feel the evil and see the demons in ppl, but I can’t say HEY you got a demon, or they get more mad. Satan only attacks what he is threatened by. Think about that!!!! A true prophet will be attacked and all were in the bible, and that is why Jesus ran from certain people or left his family. They did not understand him and he was doing the work for the kingdom which does not seem normal to people wanting to stay in their normal religious beliefs. Many did not understand Jesus, because they were not walking in the spirit truly. It’s a whole new ball game and you become an outcast to those you grew up with that don’t understand why your not normal anymore. I literally feel it and sense the spiritual battles now. Crazy! This is why people walking in spirit have to have a gifted spiritual mate God showed me, because normal person can easily attack, but a gifted spiritual person will understand.
Ephesians 6:12 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.