Jesus Was Cooking Something Up


Vision: I saw a vision all pencil line art, with Jesus stirring something in a cooking pot. I was standing next to him also in a robe and a child was next to me. I took this as he was cookin up something good (scripturally ofc) and I did wake with more clearer understanding of the topic I wrote about yesterday under “Peacemaker” where he gave me insight into raising children also. There is a difference and a time to keep peace(meek/peaceful) and a time to speak out (peacemaker) when his spirit tells you. Please see the updated version of “The true meaning of a “Peacemaker.”

I found another meaning with scripture of boiling cooking pot where they left God and his living waters(Jesus holy spirit that guides us) and he is not happy:

Vision: Saw a quick flash of a women’s face with dark purple eye shadow and sandy blonde hair. She was closing her eyes and squinching while closing her mouth.
Vision: Saw Jesus waist up with no shirt on and a crown on his head. I also saw him in his white robe, but unclear fully what he was doing because I did not write it down directly and fell back asleep.