Man Holding Y Shaped Stick (Divination)

Vision: Saw the back of a Man with messy short black hair to his shoulders and a tan colored robe on holding up a white stick that was shaped like a Y.
God was showing that this stick is used as witchcraft to find water and is called “divination rod” and is practice of divination. God is clear he does not want us practicing this in Deuteronomy 18:9-19 “You shall not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone…that uses divination.” Those who do so God said he will cut off from his people Leviticus 20:6. Notice how it works for some and not others, because it’s from satan. This is bad, because it allows satan to enter into God’s people through the practice of witchcraft. God wants us holy to enter his kingdom, so he is protecting for a good cause. This was a good lesson from God.
Dream: Dreamed of an aunt who was spraying ant poison in my home all over and I was worried ab it getting in my lungs and my cat, so I tried to stop her but she kept going with an evil look and would not give it to me. Is this saying one of my aunts is poison to me. We never know the true intentions behind people, but God does.
Dream: My brother was speaking to me and my deceased uncle calls him wanting to give him $1000 and I was like I guess he did not care about us girls. I told my brother I overheard and he asked me to not tell my sisters. I ended up saying, You deserve it because you have been through so much. So later God revealed he would bless me for that by me seeing a rock with the letters “IO6” meaning “I owe 6 more to you for that” making it 7x a blessing. He blessed me for wanting good things for others and not being jealous of it. That is my true heart also. I desire to see other’s happy and I am not really jealous when other’s get good things. Though I may have a desire for it also…I am happy for them.
Dream: My friend Rodin came to visit me in US and got a beach house and I was gonna introduce him to my son’s, but he never came out of the room.
Dream: My sister came to pick up my son and we both ended up smiling at each other. This dream seems like how we are in rl after a debate. I love both my sisters, and understand they just don’t understand why I am the way I am now so we are a little more at opposition. One day they will see what God is doing. There is a reason for everything under the heavens God say’s…so it happened for a purpose. Eccelesiastes 3: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” He showed me this scripture yesterday
out of the blue and this is how amazing he works. He often sends confirmation if something was truly his words out of my mouth or thoughts.┬áNow if I get too far from him, he comes running after me to get close again. His thoughts are my thoughts because he is in me. He said “I in you and you in me.” under another entry to me. I feel blessed to be so close.
I wanted to add that I was searching through my notes and found a past dream that relates to the little girl I saw in a vision yesterday. I forgot about this dream, but here is what I wrote on December 14, 2015…I was talking to a girl (possibly angel) who told me God would bless me with a daughter and other children if I wanted because I told her I wasn’t sure it was possible anymore.