2015-17 Past Experiences

Was going through my phone and found these past experiences from God.
July 21, 2015: Heard/Saw the words Galilee and winds as I woke – wrote more on this in another entry.
September 25, 2015: Dream I saw the words and heard the voice say: Iron can make skin tanner and not burn. Use others to persuade him. I believe those words were for my ex at the time because I was asking for help in my marriage.
November 2, 2015: Words: Foresee son (meaning foresee what good things God has in the future)
November 7, 2015: Dream: The words Quench. Jesus giving me a clear glass of water to drink.
December 14, 2015: Words:You are my sought after treasure. I love you and miss you…the King Dream: I was talking with a girl who told me God would bless me with a daughter and other children if I wanted bc I told her I wasn’t sure if it was possible anymore.
May 25, 2017: Words: An exciting future awaits! Positive attitude…Keeping a positive attitude thru adversity.