Mystery Man

I was asking God before I lay down about my future husband again and it was really important to know which dreams are the right ones towards him to not cause heartache for various reasons. I dreamed I first was fighting off these black dogs smaller versions of bear(my mom’s big black dog). They had demons in them and kept attacking and even bear at one time and even some cats came too, but I found this cleaning spray bottle with the serum that cured them and every time I squirted their mouths they would stop and calm down. I was with my sister and she was helping. Then we went to shower and apparently everyone was allowed to use it, because while I was waiting in line a guy walks up behind me with dark hair and stands and watches me shower the whole time. I thought to myself, “Is this my future husband?” I felt so awkward having someone watch me, I hurried up. Then me and my sister laughed about it but some other guy came into the place, but he was like a cleaning guy or possibly janitor type with the clothes he had on. Dark full body jumpsuit and shoulder length dark hair pulled in ponytail this time. I remember thinking he is cute, but acting strange like a bit shy. I told him what just happened and he bent down to listen what I had to say and then left. Seemed he was nervous or busy. Then it was like we were at a carnival and this girl came up with dark skin and she appeared to be my friend helping me. She took me up these circular stairs to an elevator to some kind of gathering.
Along the way I saw another guy with blonde hair try to give me his number and I took it, but she would not let him have mine. Was like she was a guiding angel in my dream. Then we get to gathering and everything is in a circle where it seemed like an apartment or hotel room with kitchen. I saw the guy who watched me shower and I even think the blonde guy was there. Then I realized the guy who talked to me was too, but he strangely went to hide away from everyone in the closet. I told the group my funny story how this guy walked up and caught me showering and they were talking to me about my job choices that there is possibly a job. I told them tbh I was a designer for years and God called me to do his mission work. Then they talked about me dating guys and I told them, well God has told me he is sending me someone and I have not found him yet. The dark friend of mine with a shocked voice told me “I think you need to talk to that guy in the closet” as if God had told him something too. Somehow it got chaotic after that and I did not get to talk to him, but feel this guy I keep dreaming about with a goatee and shoulder length dark hair is him. This time I think his goatee was shaved off.
I also saw before I slept some kind of transparent outline of an angel…like a warrior angel to come help me.