Prophecy of Songs

Wow, God is doing a new thing. He woke me up again at 6:30 am this time speaking, and I wrote down what I heard. Every time I started thinking though, he would stop. I got what I could and missed a lot in between and am learning this new style he has, so please bare with me.  God had me in tears with the songs he gave me bc I used to also say my heart is broke into so many peices and can’t be fixed, but he is fixing my heart. These are two of my fav songs and he knows that.
Prophecy from the Lord:
“It is said love and song of the Lord….Songs of beauty. Songs of Grace….Then the thing about being blessed…..So he heard like a lion. For I know the songs of accuracy and praise. It does take accuracy we can teach accuracy…So I have sons and daughters of Zion.”
God gave me two songs that he loves that I listen too…
After this I got visions.
One of Jesus Feet
Another of a Soldier
A third of an angel all in white with white wings carrying a demon away.
And then I asked God a specific question about a home, and then I saw a vision of a white little house with black trim and had a sign that said “Keep”
Also, the lord told me not to go to Kohls on 5-5 and 5-28.